What to Do Before Trading Your Old Console

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(Newswire.net — November 9, 2018) — Many video games retailers are buying second-hand consoles. Whereas retailers will buy working consoles without asking questions, you’re supposed to set up your old console asset for resale. Here’s what to do before your game console trade in.

1. Reset Your Console to Default Settings

Like many other modern devices, a games console will need you to restore its settings to factory or default before a new owner can use it. Restoring settings to default is necessary to protect your personal data from would-be intruders. So, make sure to erase any traces of your crucial data before handling the console over to the next owner.

While consoles like Xbox One, sync saved data with the cloud, you’re recommended to transfer some of your saved data and games to an external hard drive. Setting up a new console is easy and time-saving because some Xbox One consoles have titles up to 100GB. Use the following steps to reset your console.

Caution: These steps will wipe out all data from your console. Ensure that any personal data you wish to recover has been saved before proceeding with these steps.

(a) Go to the Settings” application
(b) Select the “System” tab from the drop-down menu
(C) Choose “Consoles Info & Updates
(d) Navigate to the “Reset Console” button
(e) Choose the option labeled “Reset and Remove Everything”. Selecting this option wipes your console completely and restores it to a factory-fresh state.

2. Add Unused Games and Accessories to Your Old Console

It is important to throw in some games and unused accessories and sell them together with your old console as one package. Putting together some unused accessories such as a spare controller and a cheap headset will increase the overall value of the Package. And it’s also an excellent way of removing clutter from your life.

From the buyer’s perspective, purchasing a games console that comes with extra items will reduce the money they would have spent buying a new console alongside these extras. You might also like to add a few games to the package. These will go a long way in driving the value of your package – whether they are popular or not.

3. Get Your Old Console Cleaned Up

Now it’s time to clean up your old console so that it can stand out from other sellers and fetch the best possible rates. Remember, you will likely be competing against a thousand other console sellers in the same marketplace. For that reason, it’s important to find unique ways to stand out from the crowded marketplace. How every part of your console looks is of immense significance. There are numerous methods you can use to spruce up your console whenever you plan to sell it. Cleaning up your old console before placing it on online auction sites is an ideal way to add a few extra bucks to the final value.

Dust off and polish your old console to shine up its glossy surfaces. Doing this makes your console attractive both on online auction sites (where you post photos of your console) and in person. Earlier consoles featured a glossy top that was susceptible to scratching, which is hard to conceal.


Having said that, ensure that your listings are as honest as possible and never try to hide any dents or scratches on the console. Many auction sites have policies which mostly favor the buyer when a dispute arises. Try not to falsely advertise your listing no matter how desperate you are for money.