Get Your Long Horse Riding Correct – 10 Easy Guidelines to Keep in Mind

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( — November 12, 2018) — Horse riding induces a feeling of joy and confidence. But the art of horse riding is tough. You need to be adequately prepared both with the riding route and managing your horse. And it takes practice. Here are ten useful guidelines for the long horse riders to get their journey right.

 1.      Get trained

Long horse riding is all about long horse trails to cover. The tactics to approach this will be radically different than the regular horse-riding sessions. So, it’s a smart call to connect with a trainer and get trained accordingly.

 2.      Repeat your sessions

One training session isn’t enough for long horse rides. You will have to practice for a couple of months to know the basics. Also, riders will have essential queries to ask their trainers. It will help them to equip themselves for a long route horse trail better.

 3.      Get the correct gear

Since you’ll be traveling on a long trail, being in the right wear is very important. So, get down to your boots and cotton trousers. Also, decide on the fabric of the horse-riding wear and the best horse saddle. If it’s a summer month, you’ve chosen for your long horse rides, ensure that the material helps you be comfortable and travel easily.

 4.      Start getting acquainted with the horse

It’s not a good idea to interact with your horse on the day of the ride. Even ace riders spend some time with their horses. It will help you to get familiar with the horse and develop a bond. You both won’t be unknown to each other on the day of your long horse-riding journey.

 5.      Research on the horse

If you have just started taking lessons on long horse rides, chances are you will take the time to know your horse as well. Other than getting to see the horse you can also research on the horse type. You can also ask others about the traits and characteristics of the horse. You can also browse through websites like TVG and learn more.

 6.      Fix your route beforehand

Make sure that you know the long horse-riding route before you set on to it. You can estimate the duration of the tour then.

 7.      Make sure to greet the horse

As you get to know the horse and also on the day of the long horse ride, make sure you welcome and pat the horse. It will help you become friendly with the horse that’ll help you while the horse ride.

 8.      Carry your bottle of water and food morsels

Since it’s a long route journey, make sure you always carry a bottle of water. Some riders also carry food morsels on their way. Experts suggest carrying dry fruits is a smart idea. Dry fruits are easy to take on the go, eat and digest as well.

 9.      Don’t go alone the first time

If you’ve just started taking your horse-riding lessons, make sure you don’t opt in for solo long horse rides. It is better to go with a team of riders initially.

 10.  Don’t leave your team while on the ride

When you are on the long horse ride trail, don’t go without your team. You might not be aware of the route. Stay with your group of riders so that you don’t lose your way.

There are many guidelines that long horse riders can count on. The more you practice, the better you will be at long horse riding. For starters, you can keep these ten easy and straightforward guidelines handy.