ICOSuccess Presents World’s First SuchApp Group Management Service

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(Newswire.net — November 12, 2018) —  ICOSuccess, a leading blockchain marketing agency, is excited to announce the unveiling of the world’s first SuchApp group management service. Aimed towards entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes, this service is designed to help companies leverage the power of SuchApp groups in a way that enhances their business and marketing strategies.

SuchApp, an innovative new messaging app, incorporates unlimited groups which can be found by topics and location. By joining groups of their interest, users can receive on-topic information while engaging in meaningful conversations with other members. SuchApp brings to its groups exciting new functionalities such as 4K video, interactive polls, time-based campaigns and much more.

All the Benefits Without the Hassle

This strategic alliance between SuchApp and ICOSuccess aims to do more than simply help businesses market their brands, it also plugs companies directly into a network of top marketing professionals. ICOSuccess’ trained specialists have the knowledge and experience necessary to help companies of all sizes connect with different segments of their specific target audience. That way, brands don’t have to spend as much time marketing themselves online, allowing them to devote more energy to enhancing their goods and services.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to digital marketing. As such, ICOSuccess offers a number of different options for companies so that they get exactly what they need, without spending excessively on unnecessary services. Currently, there are three packages to choose from:

The Starter Service

– Good for groups up to 10,000 members this service offers:

– Minimum of 20 branded image posts a month

– 4-5 daily content posts 7 days a week, as well as links, images, and videos

– 1 monthly promo video

The service also offers group moderation, user engagement during normal business hours, and exclusive listing in the ICOsuccess online directory of SuchApp groups.

The Growth Service

The Growth Service is good for groups up to 25,000 members, this service includes:

– Minimum of 30 branded image posts a month

– 8-10 daily content posts published 7 days a week, as well as links, images, and videos

– Bi-weekly promo videos

– Management within the upcoming SuchApp Radio feature

This service also includes group moderation, user engagement during business hours, mailing lists, and cross-promotion between different premium SuchApp groups. Like the Starter Service, subscribers to this program are also listed in the online directory for SuchApp groups.

The Enterprise Service

The Enterprise Service supports groups over 25,000 members. This package includes:

– Access to a dedicated content specialist

– Creation of 40 or more branded image posts a month

– 20 daily content posts published 7 days a week, as well as links, images, and videos

– Weekly promo videos

– Around-the-clock customer service and community management

What’s more, the enterprise service offers email list building and email marketing, monthly contests, cross-promotion between groups, and user moderation. Subscribers of this service are listed in the online director for SuchApp groups.

Grow Your Brand Today

Visit the Group Management Services page on the ICOSuccess website to learn more or to register for this amazing offer. No contract is required, and you can receive a coupon that lowers the price of your starter growth plan over the first few months.

About ICOsuccess

ICOsuccess is a full-service blockchain marketing agency specializing in helping blockchain start-ups succeed in the competitive, fast-paced cryptocurrency landscape. Along with helping start-ups prepare for upcoming ICOs, ICOsuccess also assists with bounty campaigns and airdrop campaigns, token distributions, and more.

About SuchApp

SuchApp is a product of Footprint Media Holdings Corporation, global providers of 4K and 3D television content through High 4K TV and High TV 3D television channels. If you’d like to learn more information about SuchApp, be sure to check out the official website. The App can be downloaded now on Apple iTunes or Google Play app stores.