TV Boss Craig Crawford 2018 Video Portal For Auto Lead Generation Launched

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( — November 20, 2018) — Craig Crawford has announced the launch of a traffic generating video portal that can put businesses in front of hungry viewers every day. Called TV Boss, it allows entrepreneurs and business owners to use other people’s videos to get traffic on autopilot without spending big on marketing or advertising.

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The site explains that through using TV Boss, users can tap into the top secret video traffic portal that’s pulling in over 8,000 subscribers in just 11 days. This is a great opportunity for businesses in any niche looking to improve their web presence, build awareness, and make more sales.

TV Boss is a traffic goldmine that is loaded with millions of hungry viewers eager for high quality content. It allows business owners to promote anything they want without SEO, PPC, content marketing or social media to hold them back.

One of the key benefits of this platform is that there is currently very little competition. This makes it ideal for new businesses, and existing companies in any field looking to get more eyes on their products.

In the past, this kind of exposure would have been too expensive for many small businesses and entrepreneurs. Now, with TV Boss, it’s more achievable than ever before.

The team states, “With our revolutionary new system, you don’t have to pay a single cent for advertising to get your videos in front of millions of people, and you don’t have to do any marketing or promotion either.”

They add, “And it’s so easy, we’ve been secretly using it to rake in over 105,695 subscribers in a niche we know nothing about using other people’s videos.”

Business owners no longer have to worry about complicated Facebook ads, expensive AdWords, competitive SEO, or endless content creation to keep up with their competition.

TV Boss makes it easier than ever before to get more leads and engage an audience effectively.

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