Brown Stains in Salt Water Pool – Clean Like a Pro

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( — November 14, 2018) — Do you have brown stains in salt water pool? All swimming pools have some sort of stains depending on the level of exposure to dirt, metals, and pool cleaning materials. As the stains are different, the pool owners need to follow different cleaning methods to ensure proper stain removal. This article will go over the different types of stains and how to properly remove each of them so that you can have a sparkling pool.

Brown Stains in Salt Water Pool

Consider the Cause to Know the Type of Stain

You should first test the stain to know the cause of it — salt is often one of the key causes. Some other common causes of stains in your pool may include: adding salt, copper based algaecide, ionizer, dirt around the pool.

Saltwater pool owners should also be aware that brown stains are common occurrences that will be ongoing problems.

What Are the Types of Pool Stains?

The swimming pool stains fall into four different categories: organic stains, metal stains, oxidation, and scale. There will be different types of tests for all categories. The organic stains are easy to remove. The color of organic stains is brown, yellow, or green. The metal stains are mostly caused by irons. The colors are typically black spots. The oxidation stains offer a milky and chalky appearance. The same is with scale.

How to Test Different Types of Stains

Since there are different methods to remove different types of stains, there are also different types of testing for such stains.

To do so, you begin by taking a skimmer sock. You’ll then put a small amount of low chlorine multi-cleaner and begin scrubbing. Now, you need to use your pool broom to exert force on the sock. The sock can be wiped in different angles such as the backward, forward, and the straight line to get the worst parts of stains. Most of the stains will be removed instantly. Some take three to five minutes such as copper and silver stain. The fiberglass stains will take three minutes to remove. It might not work that effectively for scale. The result will vary depending on the thickness of the scale.


For copper, you can follow the steps outlined above to remove such stains. If the stain is about one month old, then it should be removed in about two minutes. As the copper will be absorbed into your pool surface, it is suggested to remove stains at the fastest possible time.


For organic stain removal, you can place a small handful of granular chlorine and then follow the same procedure as mentioned above. If you do not find any effective results, then soak for three minutes. All the stains should be removed.

Next Steps

Have you noticed that there are brown stains in salt water pool? There are various types of stains that can infiltrate your pool. These types include: organic stains, metal stains, oxidation, and scale. Depending on what type of stain it is, you’ll have to take specific measures to ensure that you’re removing them effectively.