Awesome Startup Ideas That Could Grow Into a Big Business

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( — November 14, 2018) — A side business is something many people tend to do, especially when it’s an online business, because you can do it from home.

It’s not a secret that when you start doing something you like, you would definitely like it to be successful and grow into a successful business. Here you’ll find awesome ideas for startups that could grow into a big business.

T-Shirt Dropshipping

This is not just a simple e-store, this is a dropshipping store, which has a huge difference. If you decide to start a t shirt drop shipping instead of a regular store this page will help you. Also, you’ll save tons of money, time and avoid a bunch of possible problems. More to it, you shall be able to start right away, after your first t-shirt design. You do not need to pre-pay for anything, you also do not need to wait for the client to pay, then go through the process of creating the t-shirt and all other steps of wrapping and shipping. You simply create the designs and your POD company delivers the products straight to your customer.

eBay Business

eBay has a very similar principle like Amazon does, so you can choose either of those for this business idea. The best thing about these two is that you could be selling absolutely anything that pops into your mind, you are free to pick anything. Another great thing that you’ll find on eBay is auctions. Therefore you will be able to sell some random products for a way higher price than expected, especially when you do not need those items anymore. Try to keep an eye on trending items and buy them when they are on sale after you can simply resell them and gain a profit.

Selling On Etsy

Image credit: Vladimir Proskurovskiy

Etsy is quite different from Amazon and eBay. It is more focused on crafts, handmade clothing, jewelry, art, and similar items. If you like to make your own bracelets, rings, earrings, even furniture – then Etsy is a perfect place to sell it. What’s even more great about this platform is that you won’t need to advertise on your own and desperately search for clients. All the audience is already here. But on the other hand, if you’ll want to appear on special listings, this feature is a paid one, so you’ll have to invest a little anyway. You can also use these tips to grow your business on Etsy even more. There are also some tools for greater sale efficiency that can help you increase your sales.

Selling Phone Cases

Image credit: Behar Zenuni

Phones cases is a very trending product at all items. First of all, all of us use it – kids, teenagers, even our grandmothers. Everybody needs it and most people consider it a detail of their style, so they’ll gladly invest in a case that represents their point of view or looks good with their style. Others value quality and durability. So you would have to sell different kids – for the stylish ones and for the durable ones. Also have in mind that it is kind of a seasonal business, because each time when a new model of a smartphone comes out, you need to be prepared for much more work than usual. To sell more efficiently, add a wordpress form plugin for orders from – this way your sales will go up.


Podcasting could be a very interesting side business, but it will take some time until you create and gather your own audience that listens to you constantly. To reach this primary goal, you will have to focus on a specific thematics and keep it going like this – don’t experiment and always change topics from app development to cooking ideas. After you have gathered a significant amount of listeners, you can start gaining sponsorships and request for products advertisements. Someone might also see you as an influencer for their business.

A Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is the most universal side business there can be, so if you don’t really have experience in specific fields like graphic design or programming, and you’re not into selling things online, this is just perfect for you. All you’ll need for this side job is good computer and organizing skills. Other things you’ll learn while working – it will depend on the company you will work with. You can start searching platforms like Elance, Upwork, and Indeed to find jobs like this.