Davenport IA Retirement Planning Expert Portfilio Management Service Announced

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(Newswire.net — November 20, 2018) — Innovative Investment Solutions, the Davenport, IA finance management and investing specialist, has announced it can help clients grow their savings and plan for retirement more effectively. The company is run by Joseph DeGeorge, who prides himself on offering great financial planning, investment management, and more.

Full details can be found at: https://innovativeinvestment.net.

Joe DeGeorge was born in Denver, Colorado, and was raised by a master teacher and hall of fame football coach. He started out as a teacher and football coach, but now considers himself a swing trader and investor who actively trades stocks, ETFs, CEFs and options.

He concentrates on helping retirees manage their finances in the most effective way, and creating growth in accounts for investors who are trying to build a portfolio.

Anyone looking to build their portfolio, invest for retirement, and plan their finances for retirement in the Davenport area is encouraged to get in touch. Joe is known for his excellent service, personal touch, and for creating lifelong relationships with clients based on both trust and performance.

His company, Innovative Investment Solutions, can provide clients with comprehensive financial planning to secure a better future in both up and down markets. Joe develops growth portfolios for actively working people in preparation for retirement, as well as great portfolios for those already in their retirement years.

The Innovative Investment site states, “Joe creates portfolios using stocks, exchange traded funds (ETFs), closed-end funds (CEFs) and options. He uses both fundamental and technical analysis to make investment choices.”

Whether retirees and those planning for retirement choose a mixture of pensions or investments, it’s important for them to ensure they have enough money for their retirement and for the lifestyle they want to live.

A diversified portfolio is a great way to begin the process, and this something that Innovative Investment Solutions can help with.

Interested parties can schedule a fact finding meeting with Joe and find out more about his services by visiting the URL above, or calling (563) 349-3056.