B Vitamin Exerts Anti-inflammatory Effects Against Sepsis, Experts Say

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(Newswire.net — November 22, 2018) Orlando, FL — In the United States, severe sepsis affects over one million people every year. It has further been found that 15 to 30 percent of them die due to the complication.

Still, in the country, the number of sepsis cases annually has been increasing. This is believed to be due to certain contributing factors, like infections that are drug-resistant.

Individuals with chronic diseases, especially the elderly, are also more susceptible to sepsis.

Today, more and more doctors warn against this complication. It is potentially life-threatening, and is caused by an infection.

According to experts, it normally occurs when the chemicals are released into the bloodstream, and this is for the purpose of fighting the infection that trigger inflammatory responses throughout the body.

While anyone can be affected by sepsis, it is most common and dangerous in older adults. Same is true to those who have weakened immune systems.

Some of its symptoms are decrease in platelet count, difficulty breathing, significant reduction in urine output, abdominal pain, and abnormal heart pumping function.

Some viral, bacterial, or fungal infections can result in sepsis. This includes pneumonia, kidney infection, abdominal infection, and bloodstream infection.

In the United States, researchers reveal that sepsis incidence continues to increase. This may be potentially due to drug-resistant bacteria, aging population, and weakened immune systems.

Statistics show that mortality rate of sepsis reaches up to almost 50 percent.

The good news is that certain vitamins have been found beneficial against this complication. Riboflavin, particularly, could reduce the expression of HMGB1 (high-mobility group protein B1).

It is worth mentioning the HMGB1 is one of the factors responsible for inflammation in systemic inflammatory response syndrome (sepsis) in mice.

This B vitamin is also popularized by its anti-inflammatory properties. There are other essential B vitamins, and they are highly recommended for overall health.

Researchers have been conducting studies on these B vitamins to learn more about their healing potentials. It is important to always remember that their deficiencies have been associated with the onset of certain symptoms and diseases.

Experts warn against these conditions, and strongly recommend increase intake of B vitamins.

They can be obtained from food, but supplements like Purest Vantage B Vitamin Complex are also helpful.

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