Video Surveillance: A Proactive Approach to Campus Security

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( — November 16, 2018) — With mounting in-school safety concerns, administrators and security officials are feeling immense pressure to heighten their security measures across campuses nationwide. While some schools and campuses have taken a precautionary approach by increasing the number of patrolling security officers, others have shifted their efforts to a more proactive solution and resorted to technology. The latest in enterprise video surveillance systems innovation delivers high-performance round-the-clock monitoring that security officials can remotely access anytime, anywhere. Moreover, these systems can alert officials in the event of suspicious activity and send a live-feed to the exact location of the potential danger. Such security measures are crucial when it comes to the protection of students, staff, and campus personnel, and implementing such systems might be simpler than assumed.

The benefits of new technology

While it’s necessary to have a crisis management plan in place for rapid response to active incidents, preventive measures are always preferable. Security camera systems can deter unwanted behavior, however, most school districts struggle with the overhead of implementing and maintaining even basic security technology.

This is understandable, of course, as outdated systems make deploying and maintaining surveillance that much harder. For starters, conventional systems are not budget-friendly. The initial and hidden costs associated with NVR or DVR storage are rather hard to keep up with. Not to mention that installing additional cameras in new buildings or unsecured areas can be a tedious and expensive undertaking. Furthermore, these surveillance units require constant on-site monitoring, which isn’t a proactive nor user-friendly approach to physical security threats.

Innovative surveillance architecture has provided a solution through hybrid cloud video surveillance systems. Cameras that operate through this system can be easily purchased and plugged in for immediate usage. Within minutes, directors and security personnel can have a live feed of an interactive campus map streamed to their devices. Such systems have no associated hidden costs whatsoever, and offer a simple user-friendly interface that can be understood by anyone regardless of their technological background.

Focus on safety

Hybrid cloud storage solutions play a revolutionary role in campus security.  When security issues arise on campus—be them accusations, threats, or disputes—it is critical for security directors to be prepared to provide footage to help reach just conclusions. To do so with outdated systems requires hours upon hours of manual footage review, which may or may not lead to the desired recording. Hybrid cloud systems, on the other hand, save footage to the actual camera and offer users cloud logs sorted by time, date, and thumbnails for quick and efficient remote access. This storage process uses less campus bandwidth while ensuring no moment in footage is ever lost.

Furthermore, these systems can be programmed to alert directors when suspicious activity enters a camera’s frame or if a technical issue that needs immediate interference arises. Such security precautionary measures can make all the difference when it comes to danger or threats on campus or in schools.


A common flaw in traditional NVR or DVR security systems is their vulnerability to malicious activity and hacking attempts. If a security system relies on a connected network, a single well-executed digital attack has the potential to crash an entire region of a school’s surveillance. More modern vendors are frequently supported by AI-driven programs that send proactive alerts about attempted tampering and offer end-to-end encryption. One of the biggest pressure points for the security industry has been developing a project that mitigates the risk of hacking, and hybrid cloud systems have successful done so by creating cameras without easily exploited security gaps.

By dissecting the flaws of conventional units, the newest wave of surveillance systems were able to evolve with a radical, proactive, approach to security. These systems combine the benefits of cloud surveillance with the efficiency of a wired unit to provide a hybrid cloud system that marries simplicity with security. Not only are such systems user friendly, but they are cost- efficient and ready for immediate use upon installation. Security directors or IT personnel seeking new vendors for their districts should prioritize accessibility, proactive security, and affordability to ensure they are choosing a system that places the population’s safety as well as the convenience of its end-user at its forefront.