How to Move a Mattress in the Rain – Made Easy

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( — November 21, 2018) — Though it is not advisable to move in the rain, especially moving mattresses. Although, sometimes it becomes necessary to move the mattress in the rain due to uncertain weather conditions etc. However, moving a mattress in the rain is very difficult. It can be very challenging to dry your mattresses completely, if it gets soaked in the rain, which can lead to mold and eventually having to throw away your mattress. You will have to protect it from moisture by wrapping it properly. In such condition you should follow the tips provided here on how to move a mattress in the rain.

How to Move a Mattress in the Rain

Prepare the Mattress for Moving in the Rain

Before moving the mattress in the rain you should wrap it in plastic to keep it clean and dry. You can also use any other protective material; a makeshift cover made of plastic, shower curtains or the plastic sheets used by painters etc. to prevent the entry of moisture into it. In order to keep the plastic covers or bags secured over the mattress, you can use a rope of adhesive tape. You can also use mattress covers designed especially for the purpose of moving mattresses safe in any condition.

Make Handles to Move the Mattress Easily

Though it is not mandatory, but if your mattress does not have handles then you may want to make handles to easily carry it to the new location. PS Moving says you can use some thick rope or straps and attach it to the mattress to make it easy to move.

Choose Transport to Move the Mattress in the Rain

Typically, people will tie their mattress to the roof of the car, however, this technique will not work in the rain. In such condition you will have to opt for a truck of a moving service. This will guarantee that your mattress makes it to your new home safely and dry. If you do not want to hire a moving service, make sure you either rent a moving van or truck with a covered bed.

Above are a few recommendations on how to move a mattress in the rain. After making all these preparations and packing arrangements you can easily move your mattress safely in the rain.