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( — December 4, 2018) Cheyenne, Wyoming — Conducting an at home DIY test is the simplest way to go but only the best is good enough when it comes to medical affairs. The U.S., made HealthyWiser™ Complete 10 Parameter Urinalysis Reagent Strips (100 ct.) are considered one of the best tests for its category as it detects glucose, protein pH, leukocytes, nitrites, ketones, bilirubin, blood, urobilinogen and specific gravity with impressive accuracy. With urinalysis strips in hand, all that’s left to do is to collect a clean sample of urine. 

“Clean the genital area well before collecting urine to make sure the sample isn’t contaminated with bacteria and cells from the nearby skin,” explains “As you begin to urinate, first allow some of the urine to fall into the toilet. Then collect about two ounces of urine in the cup provided by your doctor. Avoid touching the inside of the container. You can then finish urinating into the toilet.” 

Hence the initial flow should be passed and the subsequent tail-end flow urine is the ideal part to be used for analysis. A quick test using the HealthyWiser™ Complete 10 Parameter Urinalysis Reagent Strips will inform if nitrites are present, in the event that the results are positive then a medical professional should be consulted for expertise diagnosis. In addition to nitrites being found in urine, a urinary tract infection is most likely the issue if the following symptoms are experienced in conjunction.

  • Back or flank pain/tenderness
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Chills

Naturally, emergency medical assistant should be solicited if any the aforementioned issues develop, especially if nitrites are detected in one’s urine as the culmination of all these signs are reminiscent of bladder and kidney infections which ought to be avoided at all costs. 

“As a paraplegic that self-caths 4-6x a day, I always have to be watchful of UTI’s,” shares a verified HealthyWiser™ Complete 10 Parameter Urinalysis Reagent Strips customer on Amazon. “Without feeling the normal discomfort associated with a UTI, I’ve had a few doozies that could have been prevented with early treatment. These test strips can give me enough early warning that I can often fight them on my own before they get out of hand. Several times I’ve compared the test strips to a lab’s UA results, and while not always perfect, they are no more than plus or minus one “shade” of the lab’s results. This is understandable, since the urine tested is usually from 2 separate samples an hour or longer apart. The one time I was able to test the same sample as the lab, the results were very close.” 

Relying on the HealthyWiser™ Complete 10 Parameter Urinalysis Reagent Strips (100ct.) is always a good first step to staying abreast of the chemical production of one’s body as it’s manufactured in the USA using the best quality material to detect a wide range of items. Its test provides a thorough peek on what’s going on within. Conducting this simple test is a good precursor to paying for a doctor’s visit and in the event that seeing a physician is deemed necessary, one would be forearmed with vital medical information to get on track to better health sooner rather than later.

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