ChatterBot Paul Counts 2018 Facebook Messenger Audience Engagement Tool Launched

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( — November 27, 2018) — Paul Counts has announced the launch of a powerful new automated Facebook Messenger tool that allows business owners in any niche to take their online presence to the next level. Chatterbot is designed to be easy to use, and gives site owners and entrepreneurs a seamless way to add bots to their profile.

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One of the key benefits of the software is that it allows anyone to build a bot within five minutes. This means that business owners a can create and customize bots for themselves and their clients quickly and easily.

The tool uses the power of artificial intelligence to give businesses a whole new level of engagement and interaction online. Users can program in responses based on their subscribers’ interactions. They can even automatically reply to specific keywords.

In addition to this, it’s possible to automatically reply to phrases and a wide range of other options. This gives site owners an added level of flexibility when it comes to their customer engagement options.

The creators explain that Chatterbot is an extremely powerful tool for capturing leads, engaging users, and building new business relationships. It means that the user can begin conversations while they’re away from their computer or not using their phone.

This is crucial, because in today’s landscape customers demand instant attention and faster replies than ever before. Using Chatterbot, companies in any field can begin the communication process more seamlessly.

The Chatterbot creators state, “There are ChatterBots that guide users through a reservation funnel, help customers track their orders, work as “virtual personal shoppers”, give you a full tour of the products available in an online store and lead customers to complete the purchase – within the usual, familiar and easy Facebook Messenger chat platform and environment.”

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