Alcohol Detox Introduced by Los Angeles Based Addiction Treatment Center

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( — November 27, 2018) — On its way to become a full service addiction treatment center, Los Angeles based Serenity Recovery center recently announced the introduction of alcohol detox to their list of treatments including prescription drug abuse detox. The alcohol detox has been added after the alarming statistics about the prevalence of the alcohol abuse problem. The alcohol detox will be conducted under medical supervision of certified health professional to ensure security of physical and mental health of the client.

According to the statistics, alcohol abuse kills six people every day and a majority of them is aged 35-64. Deaths due to alcohol are more prevalent among men, three out of four people death due to alcohol are of men. Alcohol abuse is also found in teens, it kills 4,700 teenagers each year, which according to data is more than all illegal drugs combined.

Living with an alcohol-drinking problem is also a big problem because alcohol abuse has a negative impact on overall health and major organs. Drinking can also cause a strain of relationships. Realizing that alcohol drinking has become a problem is the first step to recovery, however the detox phase is the toughest and experts advise against going cold turkey and choose professional help, who can help management the symptoms and complications of alcohol detox. The spokesperson for Serenity Recovery center explained, “The severity of your withdrawal symptoms will vary significantly depending on how much you have drunk in the past and the length of your alcohol use. Withdrawal symptoms can often feel as powerful and negative as excess drinking, and like the symptoms of drinking itself, they can also threaten your health.”

Serenity Recovery Center’s new alcohol detox is a 24×7 medically-supervised detox, during which each client has the medical attention that increases comfort, minimize painful symptoms, manage the occurrence of unexpected symptoms and anticipate problems before they happen.

The Serenity Recovery Center facility has been designed to provide all the necessary comforts to clients going through alcohol detox, including an on-site healthcare professional and highly experienced and knowledgeable staff. The alcohol treatment center offers a supportive and comforting atmosphere to encourage recovery, healing and wellness.

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