4 Romantic Gift Ideas for the Holidays

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(Newswire.net — November 26, 2018) — The holidays are an awesome period for everyone. It’s when you get to take time off work, let your hair down and catch some fun. Apart from those though, one of the most important aspects of the holiday period is the gifts that are shared between family and friends.

Choosing a gift is not so straightforward, however. The perfect gift should be one that’s ideal for the person but still with an element of surprise. If you’re thinking of what to gift your significant other this holiday period, here are a few tips to make a perfect choice:

1. A Weekend Trip

Everyone loves to travel, see new places and enjoy new experiences. If your partner is someone who loves travel especially, this should be your first port of call. Consider some of the things they like or have mentioned they would like to do and plan a weekend getaway to somewhere with those activities. You’ll have to tell them a few days in advance though unless you’re certain they’re free for that weekend. On the trip itself, make sure that the focus is on your partner and allow him or her to enjoy the experience to the fullest. You can continue the surprise by making plans for dinner dates and other activities in the course of the trip.

2. Fashion

Clothes are always great gifts, as long as you can find ones that your partner wants and would look good in. You can take cues from the kinds of clothes they like to wear and any comments they make about clothes they want to get. For the ultimate romantic effect, get him or her an outfit you’d like them to wear to a date. That way, you can have the outfit delivered as a surprise and then enjoy the experience of seeing them in it. If you’re not clear on what to get, you might have to ask friends of theirs for guidance on what they’d like and what’s in vogue.

3. A Keepsake

Throughout History, lovers have always given each other keepsakes and mementos to signify their love for one another. Giving a keepsake is especially apt if you’re going to be away from one another for a while, but even if not, having something to constantly serve as a reminder of the love you share would be a great gift. You have many options, but the best ones are those that are customized to be specific to both of you, such as a photo necklace.

4. Fragrances

Fragrances are a staple of giftboxes around the world, and for good reason: Most people are delighted by the chance to try and perhaps fall in love with new fragrances. The trick to getting this gift right is to find out what bottle your partner is currently using and search for the notes in it using the various perfume sites online. Most sites will automatically generate recommendations of similar fragrances, so you can buy something you’re reasonably sure they’ll like.