4 Travel Trends for 2019 That You Need to Know About

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(Newswire.net — November 27, 2018) — 2019 is right around the corner so it’s time to start thinking about your travel plans for next year. Below are a few trends that you’ll see spread across the travel industry for 2019. How do your travel plans mesh with them?

1. Family Travel Gets a Makeover

While places like the beach or Disney World will always be popular with families that have children, in 2019, you’ll see this segment of the population mature and strike out in search of new experiences. This is because kids are playing a larger role than ever when it comes to planning vacations and travel. Instead of opting for a Disney cruise, for example, try one that allows your family to explore Iceland or the Galapagos Islands.

2. Getting Away Goes Next Level

It’s no secret that consumers today are more stressed, busy and tired than ever. With many people feeling the pull of multiple responsibilities, getting away from the demands of their everyday lives will mean heading out for uncharted territory. Think about those vacation destinations that are off the beaten trail and that aren’t overrun by other tourists. For example, the Starlight tour put on by Mountain Valley Safari promises to help you unwind as you drink in the wonder of millions of dazzling stars above.

3. Cultural Exploration Will Be Hot

As eco-tourism continues to explode, a related trend that highlights the culture of the locals will also gain popularity, too. Delving into the real lives of the native residents of an area such as Tehran, Kazakhstan and Jordan enable travelers to immerse themselves into the daily routines and experiences that they wouldn’t like have otherwise if they stayed at a popular resort or headed to the busier metro areas.

4. Solo Travel for Women Booms

Women will continue to travel solo in ever-increasing numbers. This travel isn’t going to be relegated solely to those places that are well-known or within their comfort zones either. Instead, women will seek to cross travel items off their bucket lists while using solo travel as a way to empower and embolden themselves.

2019 is shaping up to be the year that travel rules are bent and even broken. Where will your travels take you next year?