3 Best Electronic Drum Sets for Beginners

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(Newswire.net — November 29, 2018) — Electronic drums are fast becoming the must-have instrument for many drummers ranging from beginners to seasoned ones. Also referred to e-drums, these instruments have made huge strides in both technology and hardware. They give you the experience of playing an acoustic drum set.

Technology has definitely made a lot of things easier and music is no exception. If you are an aspiring drummer or you want to join a band and be the official drummer, you will need to get the best set that you can find. Electric drums are your best bet.

When you go out shopping for your set, sure to look out for the following:

  • It should be built to last.
  • There should be at least five drum and three cymbal pads. These should be hi-hat, crash and ride.
  • The pads are made from rubber.
  • The module or ‘brain’ offers a variety of sounds such as acoustic, electronic and percussion.

A beginner may not be looking for premium sets because they want to build up some skills first but a set with the aforementioned features is great for home practice. However, you must get the best set possible. Here are a few reviews of the music tech geek drum kit reviews in the market:

1. Alesis Nitro

This one is great for a first drum, especially is you are working with a budget. It comes with realistic feeling pads and the kit editing is quick and simple. It has the following features:

  • 8-inch dual-zone snare pads
  • 8-inch single-zone tom pads
  • 10-inch dual-zone crash (choke-able)
  • 2 additional single-zoned cymbal pads for hi-hat and ride cymbal)
  • Hi-hat controller and a four-post drum rack
  • Alesis DMPAD kick pad that features pressed steel housing, anti-creep spikes and a single-zone pad.
  • 385 sounds, 40 kits and 60 jams songs to practice to.

2. Yamaha DTX400K

This one is also great if you have a tight a budget and is perfect for beginners. You get features such as:

  • No-frills setup
  • Single-zone drum pads made from a rubberized compound. Though designed to be stick-resilient, these pads are sensitive enough to give a great response.
  • Single-zone cymbal pads
  • The module has a USB socket that connects to and iPhone or iPad.
  • It comes with many acoustic kit sounds which are derived from Yamaha’s amazing kits.
  • The 10 kits are configured but can be edited to create completely different kits.

3. Roland TD-1KV

This no-frills compact drum set is affordable and ideal for newbies. It comes with the following features:

  • Available in two guises – TD-1K (4 single-zone rubber pads for toms and snare, choke-able dual-zone crash and ride cymbal pads, hi-hat pad), and TD1-KV (a mesh head-equipped PDX-6 pad with dual-zone triggering for the head)
  • TD-1 has stand-alone pedals
  • 15 preset kits with sounds ranging from acoustic to electronic, percussion setups, metronome and jams to practice to.

These best electronic drum kit are great; not only for those training to be drummers but also seasoned drummers and those aiming to impress their band leaders with skills and great sounds that they can contribute to their band to make great percussion and acoustic sounds.