Cryptocurrency Online Casinos Could Mean a 0% House Edge

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( — November 30, 2018) —  Cryptocurrencies and casinos, what does the future hold? Around this time last year, Bitcoin was at all-time high and edging towards its peak value of somewhere in the range of $17000 per coin. Although it has since depleted in value and now sits at a still impressive $4000 or so per coin, those who invested at the right time made a pretty penny from their investments. Due to the soaring popularity of Bitcoin, a simultaneous rise was seen from other popular cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin, Lithium and Ethereum. All of these still bob up and down in the cryptocurrency ocean, with everyone on tenterhooks about which one will leap up first. One of the industries paying particular attention is the online casino industry.

A Match Made in Heaven

The relationship between playing at casinos online Canada and cryptocurrency is one that had been established long before late last year. The reasons for this stem from the parallels that online casinos and bitcoin share, in that they are both online and can both be accessed anywhere. Casinos were looking for a safe and secure payment method for their players from around the world to use at their website, and Bitcoin was ideal for this. As such, for many years now, even when Bitcoin was a very dubious currency, it was available at online casinos for players to deposit, withdraw and play games with at many online casino sites. A few online casinos even did and still do conduct business exclusively with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. As a result, as early as 2013, a huge amount of Bitcoin was being processed at online casinos. Those who made use of it for these purposes were no doubt delighted when the Bitcoin boom happened, and their winnings tripled overnight without them having to do a thing.

0% House Edge Casinos

The prevalence of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has increased even more at online casinos. This is only going to increase as times goes on and brand-new cryptocurrency influenced casino prospects are opening their doors to online casino players looking to get in the action. One of these such services is This casino blockchain-centric casino site is not like any you have visited before, as the house-edge sites at 0%. This ensures that you and the casino have a completely level playing field. Sounds too good to be true, right? But yes, this exciting new prospect is not centred on the way casinos have traditionally made money, but instead will be concentrating on the growth of cryptocurrencies instead. The way it works is that the house edge is zero and so is the commission on sports betting exchanges, but you play with the sites in-house currency, ZERO Tokens. The idea is based on Metcalfe’s Law, and the number of Zero Tokens will be limited, as such those who get them early will be able to take advantage of the house edge, and as its popularity increases so will its value. The hope is this will make the Zero Token more and more financially viable and sustainable over time and prove beneficial for both the company and player.

This might be the biggest gamble we have seen in the online casino world in some time. However, if it proves successful then it will really highlight the potential cryptocurrencies have at online casinos.