XMarketerSuite Daniel Adetunji 2018 AI Video and Voice Platform Launched

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(Newswire.net — December 4, 2018) — Muncheye announced the launch of Daniel Adetunji AI video & voice platform for websites, the 2018 XMarketerSuite. Scheduled for launch at 11:00 a.m. EST on the 4th of December 2018, the product is designed to improve online lead capture, sales, and user engagement capabilities.

More information about the XMarketerSuite is available at http://letsgolook.at/XMarketerSuite.

The XMarketerSuite offers a wide range of tools and administrative controls to manage lead engagement, acquisition, and retention. The product includes a simple HTML or WordPress chat widget that supports two-way audio messaging and the exchange of video recordings. Video call recording allows for the efficient creation and distribution of webinars, tutorials, and other interactive content.

In an industry first, XMarketerSuite offers site administrators and businesses revolutionary integrated AI automated response capabilities backed by a toolset of custom macros and intuitive task automation. Helpdesks can also be customized to improve the turnaround and quality of response and issue resolution. The platform also features real-time face-to-face HD video calling capabilities, direct calls to customers through a user’s website, and international calls to offline leads.

The 360-degree marketing suite offers unparalleled multi-channel marketing and engagement support through a ticketing system that balances contextual user experience and an easily navigable user interface. Collaborative interaction management allows users to improve the speed and effectiveness of lead capture and support.

XMarketerSuite supports full list-building, real-time 30-day activity tracking, and full mobile app integration with emoji and GIF responses to improve user engagement.

According to a spokesperson for XMarketerSuite, “XMarketerSuite combines the interactivity of video, response efficiency of chat, and the power of AI & automation to help businesses quadruple lead conversion and sales.”

XMarketerSuite is a full-cycle online marketing platform created by Madhav Dutta and administered by Product Manager Daniel Adetunji that will be launched through Muncheye with a front-end price of $47. More information is available at https://muncheye.com/daniel-adetunji-vidq and at the URL above.