The Biggest Online Casino Gaming Trends of 2018

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( — December 4, 2018) — The online casino business is always evolving and trying to find ways to attract new players and keep current ones happy. The global online casino industry is booming and more popular than ever, and online casinos are constantly trying to outdo other in order to get a piece of the market. Let’s look at some of the biggest trends that have redefined the online casino world in 2018, and what we can expect for the next few years.

Live Casino Gaming

If you’re familiar with the online gaming community, you may already know how big game streaming is. Online game streaming is a multi-million-pound a year industry and platforms like Twitch are the main reason why the industry has seen so much growth over the last few years. But few are aware that streaming is slowly becoming more common with online gambling as well, with famous online casino players showcasing their games live before their audience.

Live streaming will also have an effect on the huge live dealer trend we’re seeing right now. In order to give players a more realistic experience, many casinos now use real-time dealers for their games. Other casinos use their online platform to showcase their brick and mortar casinos and stream directly from their facilities. We can expect to see more of this in the future, along with better gaming quality and streaming speeds.

VR Gaming

While 2017 was the year of augmented reality, virtual reality is all the rage right now. VR headsets are more affordable than ever, and the technology is fast evolving as well. The Oculus, in particular, has been making headlines this year and Facebook has also entered the game through their Valve Corporation subsidiary.

In addition to virtual reality, online casino games on top sites like Stakers Casino are becoming much more immersive as well. Casino operators are trying to incorporate traditional gaming aspects into their games and many even incorporate skill elements. They’re doing more to create games that give players a fuller experience, which is one of the reasons why so many people are favouring online slot games nowadays. Check Stakers to see for yourself the kind of games you can expect.

Gamification, or the convergence between online casino games and traditional video games, increased exponentially in 2018. This offers players a much diverse gaming experience. It is a tool a lot of online casinos are using to fight saturation while competing with the traditional gaming sector. Not to mention that most online casinos work with a handful of software providers. This leads to the same games being featured on multiple casinos, which makes differentiation much more difficult for operators.

Developers are trying to develop new games that have more of a storytelling aspect to them, along with multiple power-ups and unlockable bonuses and content. We can expect more casinos to work on the quality of their games from now on.

The Rise of Crypto

Cryptocurrencies have been a disruptive force across the board and the online gambling field is no different. Cryptocurrencies are transforming the global gambling landscape in many ways. For one, the anonymity that cryptocurrencies offer allows players from countries where online gambling is prohibited to play and cash their profits without being detected by financial institutions. This opens the online gambling world to whole new markets.

More and more casinos are trying to jump on the wave by allowing players to use cryptocurrencies to play. Some are even talking about releasing their own coins as well. This year was major for crypto, and we can expect to see even more of them in online gambling leading into next year.

Better Mobile Gaming

One of the reasons why the sector has been thriving so much this year is how much mobile gaming has improved. Mobiles are now more popular than ever and are even surpassing PCs for the total number of searches conducted every day. Players love online gambling and having the ability to play whenever, wherever.

Most online casinos nowadays either have a mobile browser option or an app that players can download. And the quality of games has greatly improved as well. Smartphones are evolving too, which makes gameplay even better.

eSports Are Officially Mainstream

The rise of eSports is something only a few could imagine just a few years from now. eSports is now a multi-billion-pound industry with players hailing from every corner of the globe. Huge events are held around the world and eSports are starting to be broadcast on major sports network.

What does that mean for the online casino gaming sector? Well, just like any other “sporting” event, bookmakers are trying to get a piece of the action by offering bets on eSport games. And with the increasing popularity of eSports, more and more bookmakers are getting in the game, which is opening all sorts of new betting options.

Brand Slots and Content-Based Gaming

While brand name slots have always popular, the selection of branded games exploded in 2018. Players often have a preference for games centred around popular TV series and movies, and the online gambling world has been paying attention. Branded slots allow online casinos to bank on familiarity and attract fans of these movies and series as well.

There have been much more content-based games as well. Casinos are not only trying to reward players with bonuses and jackpots, but with quality content too. More players have been pushing for more content from popular culture, plays or movies to be integrated into games. This makes the whole experience much more interesting and is a great way to add variety into the gameplay. More casinos have been following suit to provide the best content possible to players. They are also greatly improving the graphics and video quality of their games to meet players’ constantly rising expectations.


The online casino world is one of the most dynamic and innovative there is. Operators and developers are constantly trying to find new ways to entice players and give them something new. We can expect 2019 to be full of surprises and new options for players.