Ways to Transform Your Resistance Training

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(Newswire.net — December 5, 2018) — A great example of functional matured wisdom, “health nomad” Steve Maxwell, hits the nail, “What matters is the time under load and intensity of effort”. Concentrating on technique and understanding what you do is the key. Muscles need tension with the maximum intensity athletes feel ok with, are able to control and their body can adapt to. All in a safe way within an acceptable time frame.

The word “effort” is worth to think about: It does not mean measured weight, it describes the effort felt. Once athletes feel what they can manage and how they need to move, they can ramp up intensity and speed of activation. They are learning how to control, activate and relax: Fundamental requirements to all competitive or intense activities they expect to participate in.

“Time under load” is also suitable to reveal many hypes as what they are: Is the required and personal manageable tension in and out of the body reached or are participants just somehow fidging with theirs limbs, trying to mimicking someone who actually put in the time to make it look easy – just to be part of something pumped up by pure marketing power? Back to the key factors concentration and understanding. So it is basically the choice between hype or health?

Health, strength and speed are on the same scale

Absolutely everything works – somehow. The key is what the individual human can do on a daily basis for the rest of his or her life in the most efficient way to maintain as much as they can for as long as they can (sustainability). To do that in the most efficient way, one needs to cut out travel and setup times as well as the time required to give the body the injury free and efficient stimuli it needs to perform free of pain and fatigue. The solution sounds too simple to believe: Train the neuromuscular response and the recruitment patterns to wake up sleepy muscle fibers and maintain muscle fibers that are awake. No matter what big media tries to make us believe: There is no way around understanding our own anatomy and energy systems if we want to become friends with our body and improve health, strength and speed.

Gravity is just one way to give resistance

Relying on gravity to get the resistance, athletes can safely manage means needing a lot of weight plates and strength machines: That equals depending on a fitness club or the need to re-build one at home. Realizing that no muscle in the human body can distinguish between gravity based or friction based resistance opens the doors to travel the calm and wonderful path of efficiency with 10/12 method (used by the Exer-Genie system, explained on the coach blog) being a big part of it.

Efficient Regular Workout Routine

​​​​​​The Exer-Genie has a rich history and countless applications, health and strength improvement being a part of it. Jim Warren, personally coaching athletes on the Exer-Genie in the Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks as well as in the Online Academy sees its advantages in the regular integration in a daily health care routine, “The training with the Exer-Genie is independent of age (some longtime users are in their late 80s for a reason), place and time (that is why it was used in some NASA Apollo flights): You just need the classic system with the short line, very little space and 20 minutes every other day.”

The Exer-Genie system of exercise is a program everybody can do on a daily basis for the rest of his life. Starting foundational, moving over to competitive, being ready to rehab or staying recreational concentrating on sustainabilty: The Exer-Genie is the one unite for infinite use.

– It stays with you (its is small, light, portable and high quality)

– It is all you need (it gives you the needed resistance from any direction you want)

Workout with Friction instead of Gravity

The Exer-Genie (weighing about 14oz or little less than 400gr) is the unit that gives variable friction generated resistance up to 600 lbs (which is enough for the biggest strongman using the system as truckpull simulator) and is almost equal to gravity based resistance (aka weight) itself. The only difference is that it is not that easy to generate eccentric resistance for all muscles. It does this by wrapping special woven rope around a high-quality chromed metal shaft with a “twist of the wrist” inside a heat resistant protective cylinder.

“Maximum strength is the mother of all strength qualities.” (Schmidtbleicher). Keep it simple and do it.