How to Adjust Garage Door Height – Five Easy Steps

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( — December 5, 2018) — Do you know how to adjust garage door height? It is a simple task you can do yourself. First, you will need a ladder beneath the garage door opener so that you can step on it and reach the limit adjustment screws where you can do the adjustment. There are simple steps you can follow below to adjust the garage door height accordingly.

Why Should You Adjust Garage Door Height?

There are various reasons as to why you should adjust your garage door’s height. Most modern garage doors come with energy saving features. If the door is not well adjusted, then it may lose its energy efficiency. The garage door should be adjusted to allow for clearance so that it can easily open and close to avoid possible damage to the door. Here are the steps you need to take to adjust the garage door height:

How to Adjust Garage Door Height

1. Set Up the Step Ladder

The garage door limit adjustment screws are located up on the garage door. To reach them, you need to set up a step ladder. Check the ladder to ensure it is level and stable to avoid cases where it can slide when you have stepped on it. A stable ladder will avoid you injury hence you should always ensure it is set on a level ground.

2. Locate the Garage Door Limit Adjustment Screws

After you have stepped on the ladder, you should then proceed to locate the limit adjustment screws. They are usually located on the side of the opener. The screws are made out of a plastic and are marked with up and down sign to indicate the direction at which the door will move if you adjust towards a given area. In some garage doors, they are marked as open and close.

3. Increasing the Garage Door Height

If you would like to increase the height of the garage door, then you will have to turn the up screws. You can as well turn on open in case of the garage door with a mark and close sign. Only turn about a quarter turn to increase the height. The open screws should be turned clockwise when increasing the height.

4. Test Whether the Height is Perfect

You can then proceed to test the garage door opener to know whether the height is working well. If the height does not allow the garage door to close or open well, when you need to repeat Step 3 above until you achieve the right settings.

5. What to Do When the Door is Not Closing Completely

If you notice that the garage door is not closing completely after the adjustments, then you will have to turn the adjusting screw to a close direction or down. Make one quarter turn counterclockwise and test whether the door is opening. Repeat the adjustments till you achieve the desired height.

Next Steps

Don’t know how to adjust garage door height? You shouldn’t worry, it is a simple fifteen minute process that you can easily undertake to improve the energy efficiency of your garage door. Setting the right height for your garage will also prevent future damages to your garage door. The steps to do so include: setting up the step ladder, locate the limit adjustment screws, increase or decrease the height accordingly, and then continue testing the garage until you get your desired results.