Ultrasonic Cleaner: A Powerful Tool

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(Newswire.net — December 5, 2018) — In the current market, there is a wide variety of accessories that promise make exhaustive cleanings in objects of different kinds a really easy task. However, there is a cleaning tool that is surprising not only for its operating mode but also for its effectiveness.

The ultrasonic cleaner is used in industries such as automotive, sports, medical, marine, pharmaceutical. It is also used for the cleaning of objects such as jewelry, watchmaking, lenses, surgical devices and others.

Although this process is usually associated with the cleaning of industrial accessories, the truth is that they are available in small sizes suitable for domestic use.

How does it work?

Ultratecnos ultrasonic cleaning is a cleaning tool that works with ultrasound ranging from 15 to 400 kHz and requires an adequate solution for each object to be cleaned.

The object about to be cleaned is placed in a stainless steel container, to which an aqueous solution or organic solvent is added as an ultrasound conductor. In aqueous detergents, the added chemical element is a surfactant that destroys the surface stiffness of the water in the base.

A transducer or ultrasound generator, once attached to the stainless steel tank, or immersed in the liquid, causes ultrasonic waves in the fluid, due to the volume change in tune with an oscillating electrical signal to the frequency set in that range.

This process generates pressure waves that destroy the liquid, leaving millions of microscopic holes or empty bubbles, in a phenomenon called cavitation. These bubbles fall with so much energy by temperatures of 10.000 K and pressure of 50.000 pounds per square inch; but because they are so small, they only clean the surface and eradicate dirt and pollutants.

So the stronger the frequency, the smaller the area between the vibrations of the cavitation, which allows the cleaning to reach the most difficult places.

Through the cavitation mechanism the ultrasonic cleaner can do its job, however, it is very important to add the liquid suitable for cleaning each specific object, otherwise, the water alone could not perform the task of deep cleaning.

Each liquid used contains the conductive agent required to make the cleaning effect. Without a doubt, the dynamic behind this seems more a piece of art than science.

Advantages of the ultrasonic cleaner in automotive parts

For the automotive industry, the ultrasonic cleaner has been the most useful invention since cleaning tiny vehicle engine parts became an easy reliable task. Even for cleaning the carburetor is ideal and effective because the ultrasonic waves reach the most intricate parts, where stubborn dirt usually builds up. For those tiny irregular-shaped pieces, if cleaned with conventional tools, it would be impossible to achieve absolute cleanliness.

Companies like Ultratechnos have been working on a series of automotive cleaners, which can provide multiple benefits for the engine and other important vehicle parts. In this ultrasonic cleaning demonstration of automotive parts the way in which this equipment operates is clearly seen.

Among the advantages of this ultrasonic cleaning method is the fact that it saves a lot in time and costs, since once the piece is introduced into the tank, an operator is not required. Besides, its energy consumption is low.

The ultrasonic cleaner uses low frequency to sanitize automotive parts obtaining better cleaning results. The main characteristic of the cleaning is that it is done at microscopic levels, reaching the parts of more difficult access, which guarantees quality and durability in the results.

It allows saving time compared to traditional methods. The efficiency of this cleaner is 80%.

The saving of chemicals and detergents is also visible, considering that very little is needed to put this machine into operation.

Regarding the benefits for the environment, it can be said that saving water is one of them since the water that remains in the tank can be used without the need to constantly change it.

For cleaning the engine, the ultrasonic cleaner turns out to be a wonderful tool because it allows removing dirt trapped in the smallest pieces.

Ultrasonic cleaner for use at home

Not only giant stainless steel tanks can be called ultrasonic cleaners, but there are also small portable sizes, which are used to clean many domestic items.

From jewelry, watches, discs, and any object that is washable can be cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaner model of the many that are available in the market.

Needless to say, the operating dynamics of a small ultrasonic cleaner is the same as mentioned in the previous section. It uses the same cavitation principle for cleaning success. In clinical and dental laboratories, this tool is frequently used because it perfectly disinfects test tubes and dental prostheses. There are even others that are used for sanitizing contact lenses.

In regard to the latter, it is worth noting that there are ultrasonic cleaners of gigantic sizes such as those used for boats. Thanks to technological progress, accessing a machine of this type, whether for industrial or home uses, it is possible by clicking on one of the many websites that offer them at low prices. It all depends on the size and responsiveness they have.

For those people that like small stuff cleaning at home as a hobby, this type of accessory will be quite useful and for those who believe that extending the life of your vehicle is worth every effort, then they must without hesitation take their car to the nearest place where they can thoroughly clean that piece that is failing and that may be the reason why the vehicle leaves them stranded always half way.

The use of this machine is so widespread that videos on how to make homemade ultrasonic cleaners can be found online. Based on the cavitation phenomenon doing this at home is possible

However, always consider consulting with an expert to avoid irreparable damage to your vehicle or any household product.

Ultimately consulting with your supplier or vendor is also an option, although this device does not generate any danger, it is best to be aware of the proper handling.