Sydney Small Business Web Design Expert Explains Best Online Website Algorithms

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( — December 7, 2018) — NSW Web Design Expert, Oliver Brooke of Cloud Concepts Port Macquarie, Says Smaller Businesses Can Gain Marketing Synergy Online

NSW-based web designer, Oliver (“Ollie”) Brooke says that one of the reasons why most small brick and mortar businesses aren’t gaining traction with their online marketing is because they fail to create synergy in their marketing efforts. He believes that businesses can get more effective marketing done in less time and for a lower investment – but they do need some help.

Not Always Obvious

While there’s a lot to do if you want to become the next local hero in your line of business online, it’s not an impossible feat. Some tasks need only be done once. Others need to be done periodically, and some must be frequent routines. Some, like maintaining your website and social media platforms are obvious, while others are less so.

As an example, says Ollie, you have an online presence that includes things like your business’s address and contact details. You might not even be aware that information is out there. If it isn’t correct or conflicts with information elsewhere online, there are search engine penalties because the algorithms are no longer sure what’s correct.

“It’s little things like this that can hurt even the best efforts when you try your hand at marketing your business online,” says Ollie.

Drive Traffic. Save Time

Despite the ins and outs and technicalities, however, Ollie says it’s perfectly feasible to deliver a unified message across social media platforms and drive traffic to small business websites.

The website itself should be up to date, mobile friendly, easy to navigate, and able to give the visitor information they need about the business and what it can do. And as soon as valuable information is added, it’s time to hit social media, and send out an email campaign.

“You can get an enormous amount of mileage out of every single thing that you do online if you know how,” says Ollie. “But it’s important to work strategically, and you need to follow up on analytics. If you aren’t adding value for your audience, you need to rethink.”

Get the Online Marketing Tech Right – and More

Part of the problem that small businesses have with online marketing is compartmentalisation of the different things involved in turning an online presence into a powerful marketing machine. “You have the web design guys, and the SEO guys, and the marketing guys, and the social media guys, and the copywriters and so on,” says Ollie. “And that’s the problem with marketing right there. That’s why I chose to do it all under one roof.”

If you want the tech to be right, you need it to meet your marketing goals, says Ollie. Trying to separate web design from marketing doesn’t work. To get synergy, every online element and platform must function together perfectly, targeting the same goals. When it does, you get more out than you put in. “That’s what synergy’s about,” says Oliver.

If you’d like to find out more about Cloud Concepts and Ollie’s approach to website design, online marketing or learn more about Great Websites For Small Businesses visit his website. After all, it’s the best place to begin.

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