Emerging Studies Now Reveal Toxins That Notoriously Enter the Skin

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(Newswire.net — December 14, 2018) Orlando, FL — Today, it is hard to deny that more and more toxins can be found in almost all of what humans are exposed to. Many of these toxins can enter the body through the skin.

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), more than one-third of all personal care products have at least one ingredient associated with cancer.

The EWG is a nonprofit research organization focused on protecting public health and the environment.

It is important to remember that many skin creams and lotions are marketed to be helpful moisturizers.

Unfortunately, in the product survey conducted by the EWG, it has been found that one in every 100 men and over 25 percent of all women turn to the use of at least 15 percent of these products. These products could potentially contain toxins and even carcinogens.

The Northwestern Health Sciences University reveals that butylated hydroxytoluene can be found in moisturizers, shaving products, bar soap, deodorants, facial cleansers and body wash. It is considered to be a skin and eye irritant.

Further, in some studies, parabens have been found to cause fertility impairment and even breast tumors.

Health experts strongly recommend resorting to the measures necessary in reducing exposure to these toxins. It may also be helpful to cleanse the skin and body from these unhealthy, potentially dangerous substances before they cause damage to health.

When it comes to taking better care of the skin, it is wise to ensure that it is well-cleansed and is free from toxins and dirt.

Some natural ingredients like activated charcoal have been found to be helpful to the health and appearance of the skin.

In some research, it has been found that activated charcoal makes pores on the skin cleaner and smaller. It is important to understand that toxins, dirt, and debris can clog the pores.

The good news is that activated charcoal can work in binding with dirt and pulling them deeply out of the pores. This takes the burden away from the skin and make it cleaner and healthier.

Individuals with oily skin can also benefit from activated charcoal, which can eliminate unwanted excess oils. This leaves the skin smooth and clean without even drying it.

Activated charcoal is actually incorporated in a range of skin care products, such as facial masks. It has long been used in detoxifying the body from poisons, toxins, and other substances.

What makes it even more beneficial is that it has a remarkable potential to treat acne. It can offer the gentle exfoliation the skin needs, and eliminate acne-causing bacteria.

Some formulas make it easy for consumers to experience the therapeutic goodness of activated charcoal.

One is Divine Bounty Activated Charcoal, which has long been popularized due to its high potency and purity.


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