Inside Scoop: How2Franchise Reveals 5 Key Questions to Answer Before Franchising

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( — December 8, 2018) — How2Franchise is a successful leader in franchise development, marketing and sales.

How2Franchise have developed successful local, regional, national and international franchises in every business category including retail, service, manufacturing and distribution – helping them successfully franchise their businesses.

The business was initially founded by Rod Hindmarsh who is recognised by many as an expert in the field of franchising. Specialties: national and international franchise consultancy, contributing author for franchise publications worldwide, keynote speaker at international franchise exhibitions and franchise media pundit. In addition How2Franchise have a number of expert associates providing a complete range of franchise support services including franchise advertising, marketing as well as single and multi-unit sales, and franchisee financing. They all continue to play important roles in the How2Franchise business.

2018 saw How2Franchise celebrating 28 years of servicing the franchise industry. Founder and CEO of How2Franchise Rod Hindmarsh is a regular keynote speaker around the world. Rod has now been involved in over 1,000 National and International Franchise Development Programmers for clients in the UK, Europe and around the world. During the course of this development, How2Franchise have built a growing network of regional offices in the UK and overseas – all themselves franchised and delivering the full range of franchising services.

Some of the things to consider when determining in a business is ready to franchise are:

For many business owners, franchising can appear to be an ideal form of business expansion.

After all, franchisees are responsible for the entire investment in opening locations and, because of that investment, are highly-motivated to perform well. That allows franchisers to grow far faster than they might otherwise.

1. In order to franchise a business, the business model must first be proven. There’s no law, of course, requiring that a franchiser demonstrate competence, but there’s a certain number of practical considerations. In order to establish credibility to sell franchises, one will need to show a successful operating prototype.

2. In order to be a good fit for a franchise, the business model also needs to be attractive to potential franchisees. While it is difficult to quantify “salable,” factors such as credibility, uniqueness, and brand “sizzle” all contribute.

3. The key to success in franchising is making sure that the franchisees are easy to replicate. If the concept only works because of a unique location, a superstar salesperson, or because an owner is working 80-hour weeks, it is going to be difficult to repeat the magic. Ideally, a franchise concept should be relatively simple to operate and should be able to work in a variety of markets.

4. Can one provide the franchisee with an adequate return? A franchisee who is an owner-operator will expect to get a return, both for the time that they spend in the business as well as their investment in the franchise.

5. Being committed to providing value? The franchise business is largely about maintaining relationships. The most successful franchisors are typically those that are the most committed to making sure that their franchisees are successful.

Rod Hindmarsh, Owner of How2Franchise said, “clients choose us to franchise their business for 3 main reasons. One is we are the best prices program in the market. Two we offer and complete, comprehensive service working with you to franchise your business and three we help you recruit and find franchisees that want to buy into your franchise.”

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