Can You Skydive in the Rain? Best to Wait for Sunshine

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( — December 10, 2018) — Can you skydive in the rain? Is a cloud environment suitable for skydiving? It mostly depends on your skill and experience. If you are experienced enough, you might be able to manage with light rain. In fact, you can enjoy more with a little wind. However, it might cause safety concerns for a beginner. In addition, you should always avoid heavy clouds, rains, and winds regardless of your experience level.

Can You Skydive in the Rain? 

You should always remember that the cloud contains moisture. When it is raining, you can expect even the worse condition.  Falling through heavy rain can be a terrifying experience. Also, you will get moisture on your face and goggles and will get pretty soaked. You will find issues with visibility in heavy rains.  You cannot see the ground and can disconnect anytime due to the lack of visibility. It is going to cause problems.

Is it Safe?

Skydive in the light rain is not uncommon for the experienced. However, it can be dangerous if you choose heavy cloud for adventure. You cannot even see each other in a cloud environment. As the result, a collision might happen. Therefore, it is important to understand the proper weather conditions to plan a skydive in a rainy environment.

In addition, rain will cause discomfort and pain.  It will make you wet and cold. You will feel that pushpins are being blown on to your face. If you are guided by a skydiver, he will guide about the precautions and safety measures. The most important thing to focus on is the visibility, and if you’ll be able to see where you’re going during your skydive.

Rain Soaks Everything

As mentioned earlier, rain will soak everything, the cloud will cause visibility problem, and wind can cause a frosty cold.  You will not be comfortable when you will be surrounded by a cloudy and rainy environment.

Should You Avoid Skydiving in the Rain?

Once again, the answer will depend on your skill level and condition and the weather condition.  As a general rule, the best time to go skydive is under favorable conditions to make your adventure more fun. This is important for the student skydivers when they are going through their AFF course.  Wondering can you skydive in the rain? It‘s recommended not to go skydiving if it is raining, but if you can see the ground clearly, and know your position in the sky then it is possible if you’re experienced. Your skill will enable you to skydive in a light rain. However, you might not find it so comfortable and fun to skydive in a rainy and cloudy environment without the help of professional assistance.