Health Experts Now Warn Against the Crisis in Male Fertility

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( — December 18, 2018) Orlando, FL — Today, there are more and more men who struggle with infertility. There are many products and techniques thought to help those with this problem.

According to experts, they fear that couples may find it difficult to conceive due to male fertility being an issue.

In the past four decades, the average sperm count has spiraled down by 52 percent. There are also men who wait later and later to have a child.

It is worth mentioning scientists don’t yet know why there is a drop in the sperm count, or even whether this decline is decreasing fertility.

Professor Richard Sharpe, of the University of Edinburgh, said the pain does not fade with time, it intensifies. In short, our understanding of the key male fertility questions has increased very little from the 1990s.

Since it has not been established yet what causes infertility in men, the tools to correct it have not yet been developed.

According to Dr Sarah Martins Da Silva of the University of Dundee, despite how common male fertility problems are, incredibly there’s nothing that we can prescribe, nor add to one’s sperm to cure it.

Experts have long warned that having low testosterone levels can negatively affect sex drive and cause erectile dysfunction.

There are options like testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) that could aid in regaining normal levels of testosterone. It has further been found to restore sex drive. However, there is a downside to TRT, as it has been found to reduce a man’s ability to father children.

According to urologist Michael Eisenberg, MD, TRT has a profound impact on a man’s reproductive potential.

He is director of male reproductive medicine and surgery at Stanford Hospital and Clinics in Palo Alto, Calif.

“It’s been studied as a method of birth control, because 90% of men can drop their sperm counts to zero while on testosterone. By increasing testosterone, you’re not going to increase fertility,” he added.

There are natural remedies speculated to have powerful impacts on a man’s hormone levels and reproductive health.

Scientists conducted a study involved 75 infertile men, which were treated with ashwagandha.

They found that ashwagandha treatment led to an increase in sperm count as well as motility. It even resulted to a significant increase in the levels of testosterone.

In another study, ashwagandha was able to improve antioxidant levels and produced better sperm quality in men.

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