Top 3 Hottest Trends in Home Theatre Installation

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( — December 15, 2018) — While some people are okay with the usual living room and TV combo, others were born to be fans of cosy and tech-laden home theatres. After all, viewing the latest sports match and streaming your favourite shows is always best on a big screen amped with surround sound.  

This year, if you have home theatre installation plans included in your to-do list, here are some of the hottest trends that you might be interested in:

  • Dashing displays. While your typical idea of a home theatre may be the old school projector and screen, technology has given rise to television sets that can match the size of projector-elicited images. And, not only are their displays getting bigger, but the quality of images is also getting way better. With the advent of ultra-HD (UHD) and high definition range (HDR) capacities, your viewing experience in your very own home theatre will never be the same again.
  • Twice the viewing fun. More than bigger and better displays, however, viewing on home theatres just got even more interesting as most TVs now have a multiple screen feature. You can now simultaneously browse live Twitter updates while you watch an ongoing basketball game with friends. No need to look back and forth between your mobile phone and your TV screen as double displays are now a real and definitely trending thing.
  • Smarter sound systems. You can now enjoy your next Netflix binge-watch plans on a home theatre that embraces enhanced speaker systems. As horizontal sound bars become the latest trend in home theatre viewing, you will find that their powerful and audio-enhancing feat has been designed to adapt to your viewing needs. In addition to this, they also offer multi-device connectivity, which means they can double as audio device pairs for your smartphone sound trips.  

Ready to upgrade your home theatre installation? Keep up with the trends to make sure you maximise your home theatre experience.


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