How You Can Use the 6 Most Popular Geomatic Services

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( — December 17, 2018) –If you think you might have a use for geomatic services but aren’t quite sure, you’ve come to the right place. What we can do for you is present six popular functions that these companies carry out, and tell you how clients often use them. That way, you can  come to understand whether you need to hire a professional or not. Of course, you can always call one and get an expert opinion on the matter. We detail those six services in the sections below.

Natural Resource Mapping

Modern technology gives geomatic companies an incredible amount of information. Among it are the size, location, and characteristics of resources like soil, minerals, groundwater, and oil. In short, these professionals can give an organization an accurate idea of what is on top of and below the ground. They can also present that information in easy to digest ways, such as colored maps and simple reports. Such information can be utilized for the profit of many businesses.

Land Record Management

While geomatics companies can map out land themselves, they can also take information from public databases. The reason why you might not be able to do the same is that these records are often poorly done and hard to understand. What your service provider can do is take that data and reimagine it in a more palatable way. Doing so makes that information much more useful to you.

City Planning

Just like almost every piece of land, cities have records associated with them too. Two of the most common are land ownership maps and topography. City planners often use geomatics services because they want to build structures in places that make sense. Doing so comes down to a variety of factors, some of which include lessening environmental impact and constructing buildings in areas where they stand to last for a long time. A typical example of this practice is looking at where groundwater is before building a structure that could potentially contaminate it.

Terrain Modeling

Modeling terrain gives you an idea of what elevation levels look like in any given area. While this information is not useful to the majority of Canadians, it could be for you or the company you represent. Two common uses are hazard assessment and building structures. For the former, you might want to know what areas are prone to flood or avalanches. For the latter, you could be trying to build a tunnel or highway and want to put it in the exact right spot.


This service is a bit of a “meta-skill”, as it relates to every other point on this list. The reason is that GIS, a mapping software, allows us to synthesize data and present it in an attractive way. Doing so is essential when trying to communicate with those that do not understand geomatics as well as a professional does.

Land Surveying

Lastly, we have perhaps the most common of all the geomatics services in Manitoba. It is land surveying, which everyone from massive real estate developers to regular citizens use on a regular basis. The primary reason is to know where your property starts and ends. Obtaining this information protects you from accidentally building on someone else’s land, which will save you from a considerable headache later on. The components of that headache often include legal battles and expensive building renovations to settle compliance issues.

As you can see, there are many ways you might use a geomatic services company in Canada. You could be a mining company looking for natural resources, a city planner trying to optimize a town, or a mere homeowner that wants to confirm that they aren’t building on another person’s property. No matter who you are, giving a geomatic business a call is never a bad idea. Doing so will clear up your confusion on whether or not they can help you succeed at whatever you’re trying to accomplish.