Scientists Now Recommend Protecting the Immune System From Every Day Threats

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( — December 26, 2018) Orlando, FL — Health care providers have long been saying just how important the immune system is for overall health. However nowadays, there are many threats that could cause its health to spiral down.

According to experts, having a poor diet is one thing that can threaten immune system health. The body actually needs good fats to function.

Unhealthy fats, on the other hand, cause weight gain and high bad cholesterol levels, and at the same time compromise immune system health. These fats can be found in cookies, pizza, and chicken fingers.

Health authorities also warn against the dangerous effects of chronic stress. Stress is often due to personal and professional contributing factors, but many people don’t realize how dangerous it is for overall health.

In the Psychology Today article, it has been revealed that stress is responsible for as much as 90 percent of all illnesses and diseases, which include cancer and heart disease.

Scientists further warn against living a sedentary lifestyle, which has long been found to produce tremendous negative effects on health.

The American Cancer Society reveals that staying seated for six hours or more can increase cancer risk.

Scientists have been investigating the use of prebiotics in enhancing immune function and even offering cancer protection.

A huge number of human intervention studies suggest that consumption of foods containing prebiotics led to remarkable results.

According to researchers, it resulted in significant changes in the gut microbiota composition, which helps immunity.

The “prebiotic effect” has been linked with modulation not just of biomarkers, but also activities of the immune system. This includes a decrease in the concentration of certain enzymes that promote cancer.

It also reduced putrefactive (bacterial) metabolites in the gut.

A report was published in The British Journal of Nutrition.

In this report, it was revealed that prebiotics aid in enhancing stool quality, such as its frequency and consistency. What makes it even more beneficial is that it decreases the risk of gastroenteritis and infections.

The report also revealed that prebiotics lessened incidence of allergic symptoms and even improved overall well-being.

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