The Secret of Success in the Textile Industry – Decoding Ribbons

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( — December 21, 2018) — Clothing is exclusively a human characteristic, as you surely haven’t seen an animal or plant having a fashion editorial let alone dress themselves. Simply put, textiles form part of our identity and everyday living. Even those who are not obsessed with clothing, i.e. nudists, are bound to meet textiles in their surroundings. Let’s not forget that when it comes to the business world, the textile industry was the most important player in the Industrial Revolution, as its employment capacity is what changed our history but also the fact that it was first to use modern technology in its processes. Companies such as La Industrial Algodonera have even perfected such a high level of innovation in these processes, that whether you need personalized ribbons or cords for pet leashes, jewelry, toys and shoe laces, there’s literally nothing that this ribbon manufacturer cannot do.

Ribbons are considered as the oldest decorative fabric as not only they were used as dress additions and hair accessories but also for symbolic and ceremony purposes. One can even say that Renaissance cannot be imagined without ribbons. There would be no Victorian hats and dresses without them either. Yet, the true merit of ribbons becoming a fashion statement goes to Louis XIV and Paris which was famous for ribbon manufacturers at the time. And they are still present, virtually everywhere.

But like with clothing, this industry has gone through a lot of scrutiny due to poor practices such as with the Nike scandal of exploiting factory workers in order to fulfill the pressuring production schedule. Yet, there is one rare Ribbon supplier proud of its quality practices since 1918. Today, this company is run by the 4th Cabré generation that has turned the company into a reference brand in ribbons and cords on a global scale. With a qualified team of global specialists devoted to continuous improvement, it is no wonder that La Industrial Algodonera exports its products to five continents.

Today’s word is in desperate need to place more emphasis on corporate responsibility but this company has incorporated this concept all along its design, development, production and even transport phases, all of which have surely contributed to the company successfully withstanding the test of time. By working with clients to meet their needs in the best possible way, they end up creating a truly unique product, in every sense of the word. As a ribbon supplier, they are known for their record time delivery and the highest quality of their products, being biodegradable, fire-proof, ultraviolet resistant, and pretty much quality that you would desire.

Ribbons go beyond fashion trends and their future is pretty much guaranteed: there will always be gift giving, and you need a ribbon for at least that! They store an infinite spectre of designs and we’ll see how designers themselves will navigate through this rainbow of possibilities to follow new lifestyle trends. With its latest generation machines, La Industrial Algodonera even had its own software created exclusively for the company so what is certain is that they can be a great companion to even the largest and most challenging brands, most of whom are already their clients, such as Chanel.

The company can meet the needs of pretty much any industry you can think of- from fashionable and customized ribbons to cords for air fresheners or fiberglass cords that prevent the heat loss on the ovens. Whether you need a velvet thread or a polypropylene yarn, there is no ribbon or cord that they cannot help you with. If you need something doesn’t exist, no problem there – they will create it and with a small minimum order quantity that is beyond favorable even for smaller businesses. 

The Brothers Grimm gave the world the Sleeping Beauty and its unforgettable spinning thread and the Cabré family is making its signature with its magical output of ribbons and cords. And the length of this output is long enough to go around the world twice per year. So watch out Financial Times, this innovative company could even aid in bringing the production back to Europe from Asia.