American Diabetes Association Reveals High Costs of Diabetes

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( — December 27, 2018) Orlando, FL — Many health organizations have been taking the necessary measures to reduce the prevalence of diabetes. This condition is incurable, and can only be managed with the use of certain medications.

In the United States, about 30 million individuals are suffering from diabetes. Experts believe the prevalence of this condition comes at a detrimental cost.

The American Diabetes Association has even revealed that that for a person with diabetes, the average medical expenditure is $13,700 annually. Around $7,800 is attributed to the condition. This only shows that the medical costs for diabetes sufferers are almost two times as much as those without the condition.

According to Alexa Von Tobel, over the course of five years, if you have diabetes, your costs are increased by 41 percent. “This could have a real impact on your wallet,” he added.

Alexa Von Tobel is a nationally known finance expert, tells Newsmax Health. He teamed up with Roche Diabetes Care to survey people with diabetes.

It was found that 75 percent reported they are cutting costs by straying from their dietary plans. It has further been discovered that 58 percent cut costs by straying from their health management plan.

Experts recommend sufferers should become their own personal accountant. They need to take a hard and good look at their finances to see how they are going to safely cut costs.

It can’t be denied that food can be pricey, and the healthy options are even more expensive. A technique called perimeter shopping is recommended. It can be made by grabbing coupons but shopping just around the store’s perimeter.

This is where the high quality health, but less expensive foods are located. In addition to choosing the right food, it is also wise to consider what certain natural remedies can aid in fighting diabetes.

One is berberine, which has a long history of medicinal use. Berberine is a compound that is being widely studied nowadays by many clinicians and researchers.

In 2008, a study revealed that berberine has successfully reduced blood glucose and even blood lipid levels. The study involved intake of 500 mg of berberine twice to thrice daily for two months.

The scientists found it was effective in managing the levels of blood sugar in individuals with Type 2 diabetes. It has further been found that the performance of berberine was comparable to that of a popular diabetes medication.

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