Emerging Study Now Reveals Anxiety Sufferers Take Criticism Especially Hard

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(Newswire.net — December 27, 2018) Orlando, FL — Social anxiety disorder is a condition that many experts are studying. In a new research, it appears that those with the condition tend to have a negative bias.

According to experts, a positive bias pertains to the act of internalizing positive feedback.

Those with social anxiety disorder, on the other hand, have a negative bias.

This study was conducted by the researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder. Leonie Koban, a research associate at CU Boulder’s Institute of Cognitive Science performed the research.

They understand that sufferers of social anxieties tend to digest negative feedback more than positive feedback.

This research is primarily focused on the manner that social anxiety affects self-esteem. It is worth mentioning self-esteem pertains to how people feel about themselves in the moment.

Self-esteem can change over time, especially upon receiving negative or positive feedback.

Researchers had 56 adults in the study and 21 had social anxiety disorder. They suffer from the fear of social interactions, which include public speaking and even interactions at parties.

They found that those with SAD tend to update their self-perception and self-directed feelings to a larger extent. This is in response to a negative rather than to positive performance feedback.

Healthy adults, on the other hand, exhibited opposite updating bias.

In the United States, anxiety disorders are considered to be the most common mental issue.

Statistics show that it affects 40 million adult individuals in the country. While anxiety disorders are highly curable, it has been found that only 36.9 percent get treatment.

According to experts, individuals with anxiety disorder tend to be more likely to see a doctor by three to five times.

Surprisingly, they are more susceptible to hospitalization due to psychiatric disorders by six times over those without anxiety disorders. Some of the contributing factors of the condition are brain chemistry, genetics, and life events.

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