Emerging Studies Show Estrogen May Potentially Fight Cancer

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(Newswire.net — December 27, 2018) Orlando, FL — An increasing number of researchers and clinicians are investigating the fatal condition called cancer. In some studies, it appears that a female hormone may have a role in the war against this life-threatening condition.

New Delhi scientists found that estrogen plays a significant role in the fight against cancer.

It is worth mentioning that estrogen protects women from cardiovascular diseases. It has been found to increase the risk of cancer in women. What makes it more interesting is that it also increases cancer survival rates.

A report in The Times of India, statistical tool Globocan 2012 developed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) reveals that cancer affects more Indian women than men.

However, in the World Cancer Report 2014, it was found that the mortality rate from cancer is higher in men than in women.

Doctors in Chandigarh’s Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGI-MER) believe that the decline in cancer death rate among the Indian population is due to better medical attention.

Scientists from the Stanford University School of Medicine conducted a study. It was found that screening as well as treatment led to a reduction in the breast cancer deaths by 49 percent in 2012.

This was compared to the 37 percent reduction recorded in 2000. This suggests that breast cancer screening and treatment may be helpful in reducing the mortality rate.

In some studies, it was found that the use of estrogen can be good in the treatment of breast cancer.

A recent finding featured in the Journal of the American Medical Association reveals that intake of estrogen in some menopausal women led to a reduction in the incidence of breast cancer than the female subjects in the placebo.

The menopausal women in the study were in the Women’s Health Initiative.

Len Lichtenfeld, M.D., deputy chief medical office at the national office of the American Cancer Society in Washington D.C., has long been knowledgeable about the dual nature of estrogen in the treatment of breast cancer.

Today, many health experts warn against estrogen dominance. Exposure to xenoestrogens is one of the culprits of estrogen dominance, which has been found to cause a myriad of undesirable health issues in women.

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