What Kinds of Blinds Are Best for Kitchens – Pro Tips

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(Newswire.net — December 21, 2018) — Are you wondering what kind of blinds are best for kitchens? When it comes to selecting window treatments for your kitchen, you have to consider several challenges. First, kitchen windows are frequently exposed to grease, steamy air, and food smells. This means you’ll have to select kitchen blinds that can withstand all these elements, while at the same time keep your kitchen windows attractive and well-decorated. Luckily, you have several choices of kitchen blinds you can use to control light and privacy in your kitchen without doing away with your kitchens’ homey feeling. Below are some great ideas for you.

What Kinds of Blinds Are Best for Kitchens

Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum blinds are recognized for their durability. Given their material they don’t rust easily, and they’re also fairly affordable. Aluminium blinds are mostly available as Venetian blinds, which run horizontally across the window frames with a long cord attached to the horizontal slats to lower and raise the blinds.

Plastic Blinds

Just like metal blinds, these blinds are also very popular and affordable. They’re also rather robust and resistant to damages caused by extreme weather. Plastic blinds also come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. The most popular type of plastic blinds is the vinyl blinds.

Wooden Blinds

One of the best blinds for kitchens are wooden blinds. Wooden blinds are mostly available in the veteran style. However, wooden blinds are quite expensive because of its sophisticated sense of style. Wooden blinds have somewhat an old-world elegance that most homeowners desire. On the contrary, wooden blinds are tough to maintain; they’re affected by sunlight, humidity and other environmental factors compared to plastic and metal blinds.

Faux Wood Blinds

Also referred to as composite wood blinds, these blinds are made by mixing wood components and plastic materials. By combining these two materials, your kitchen will have the elegant look of wood while still keeping the low-maintenance advantages of plastic and metal.

Synthetic Blinds

The use of synthetic blinds has also been on the rise. Blind experts say synthetic fabrics are designed to provide users with all the benefits of window blinds, which include controlling room temperature while allowing residents to see outside. These blinds are commonly used in automated roller blinds. They also come in different styles and color, meaning they can give your windows a sophisticated look that matches your home’s decor.

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If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option, this is an excellent choice. Since bamboo grows quickly, it’s considered a renewable and sustainable material. Bamboo blinds are made by intertwining bamboo to create lightweight and durable blinds. Bamboo blinds are well-suited for kitchens in warm climates. They have closely packed slats to block the sunlight and hairline gaps to allow summer breezes to pass through them giving your kitchen a 24/7 fresh environment.

We hope you now have an idea of the best kitchen blinds for your kitchen. When choosing kitchen blinds, don’t forget to consider your budget, quality, durability and whether the blinds complement your household colors. As much as you want something that looks attractive, ensure that you feel content with it and it also easy to clean and maintain. The options mentioned above meet all these guidelines.