Artificial Intelligence in Video and Logo Making: Renderforest Updates

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( — December 27, 2018) — Artificial intelligence (AI) in video and logo design is at the cutting edge of marketing automation. Renderforest’s latest updates use AI to tap into the vast array of information now being made available for video production using custom algorithms. It combines AI and machine learning algorithms to produce user-friendly online software that create professional videos in minutes. 

Renderforest has harnessed AI technology to automate video production which means the ‘intelligent’ part knows what makes a video look and sound great without you needing to build the video from scratch. Renderforest has an extensive library of videos to work with. Its AI technology has learnt the principles of video production, and the same is true for its AI-enabled logo-making platform where there is a myriad of graphics available to be combined with fonts for an individualized end product. This takes significant time, expense and difficulty out of video creation and logo design.

Renderforest is a web-based platform, so no software downloading is required, and you can publish directly to the web, or download your videos and logos onto your computer. To create a new video, users can input the script straight to the online platform. Renderforest’s unique AI then finds the main themes and keywords in the script, and matches video clips and graphics to create a compelling video story out of it.

Below, we’ll look at why there is so much emphasis on video marketing in the first place, and then we will discuss the simple steps you can take to make your own video or logo using Renderforest.

Videos Are Key to Digital Marketing Strategy

No business that’s serious about growing an online presence can afford to ignore the role of digital video marketing. According to Medium, including videos on a website landing page can increase conversions by 80%. After watching a video online, 64% of people are more likely to buy a company’s product. What’s more, YouTube is increasing its consumption of videos on mobile by a staggering 100% each year.

But why video? There are a few good reasons. The first is retention: a message is retained far better when watched as a video compared to reading it in text. The second reason is engagement: video is simply more stimulating than most other forms of online media. Thirdly, video is more accessible to a wider audience than other media formats. Video doesn’t require a long attention span, it’s easy to watch, and you do not need to be an avid reader. In many instances where ‘auto play’ is now a feature, such as Facebook and YouTube, you don’t even need to press ‘play’ to watch – the video plays automatically for you. This is especially relevant for adverts on websites where videos auto-play and/or loop. The sentence: Intro videos can be a great choice to catch the attention of your audience. 

Liraz Margalit explains the nature of video consumption in more depth from a psychological perspective, “When we watch a video, we become immersed in it and create an empathetic connection with the screen… it’s much easier for us to become emotionally attached to something we watch in a video than something we read in an article.” This immersive quality – a heightened sense of connection – may be the most powerful marketing tool in any marketer’s toolkit.

For video adverts specifically, in general, try keeping your video ads to 90 seconds or less. Also, try to capture attention quickly by adding your logo/brand early on. You should also generally design your ads for viewers to be able to read any text in the video easily when viewed on mobile devices since 50% or more of views are on cell phones. Often, because viewers may watch videos in public places or where they just can’t play videos with sound, video ads should also make sense even with the sound off.

Renderforest lets you make a plethora of marketing videos types including promos/adverts quickly and easily. In fact, you can produce and customize one to your exact needs.

How to Create a Video in Minutes With Renderforest’s AI Video Maker

First, log on to Renderforest’s video maker at and choose your template. You can select from over 400 video templates, meaning your video will have the format, look and feel to suit your needs. That could be an explainer video, promotion for a new product or app on boarding or unboxing experience. 

Then upload your logo and add your animation tagline and text if necessary.

Third, choose your styling, colors and music and tweak the content. This can all be done in minutes and you can then download and/or publish your video online.

Renderforest’s AI-enhanced features provide access to over 115 000 video stock footage, the ability to upload custom logos, video, voice-overs and photos, and one-click publishing to YouTube or Facebook. 

The video maker is a useful tool according to many users. For example, Patrick (Label Manager at JOL Music Geneva) is a music producer who uses Renderforest to “create and publish attractive music videos and punchy label promo videos….”. He says, “I really enjoy the innovative templates and the flexibility, the inspiring music visualizers and the wide choice of sexy logo reveals.”

How to Create a Unique Logo In Minutes With Renderforest’s AI Logomaker

Artificial intelligence is not just tool for video production. Renderforest also puts it to use in the design of logos using its logo maker. Logos are an integral part of a company’s branding and are especially useful in video marketing where they can be added to the intro, the final paragraph or anywhere else, for example as a static image overlay in one corner of the video to enhance your branded content.

To produce a unique logo in Renderforest in minutes, simply log on to and follow the steps provided. Anyone can have a unique logo made instantly, once you add your business name, a slogan and business description. You can then choose from a number of logo fonts, design options and tweak the style to match your brand.

Conclusion- AI In Logo Design and Video Production Makes Them Easy

AI is breakthrough technology that is revolutionizing the video and design industries. It takes marketing to a whole new level of speed, efficiency and productivity. At the forefront of this revolution, Renderforest is making their AI-enabled video and design technology available to you, without requiring any experience in video editing or graphic design.