Leading Credit Counselling Agency Cautions Canadians Against Excessive Holiday Debt

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(Newswire.net — December 29, 2018) Surrey, BC — According to Avineet Kalsey, a senior consultant at Business Solutions and Credit Counselling Services, many Canadians get caught in the trap of taking on too much personal financial debt during the holiday season that they cannot afford to repay. As debt levels across Canada continue to increase and income levels fall there is a reduced ability to pay debts. Continuing to borrow at high-interest rates puts borrowers on the road to disaster. As they get deeper into debt, they get closer to bankruptcy that can take years to recover from.

BSCC focuses on assisting Canadian Citizens nationwide with effective financial obligation management in order to prevent bankruptcy. Their financial counselors have helped hundreds of thousands of people get out of debt and remain fiscally sound with efficient techniques and methods that reverse the results of typical mistakes due to overspending.

Mr. Kalsey explains how crucial it is to avoid making psychological acquisitions, particularly over the Christmas holidays, as it is easier to get carried away by the lure of ‘buy now, pay later’ schemes and ‘no payments for the first few months’ scenarios.

Once the holiday season is over and people sit down to figure out how to pay the bills for all the purchases made over Christmas, they often find that they have overextended themselves financially. BSCC can provide solid solutions for clients to consider, often being able to reduce debt to affordable levels that allow them to live a normal life again without the threat of financial disaster.

Kalsey says the first step for Canadians for getting out of existing debt is to avoid spending recklessly over this holiday period and not getting into more debt than is absolutely necessary. BSCC debt counselors are there to help individuals who are struggling with financial commitments by negotiating with creditors on their behalf and designing a plan to reduce debt to an affordable level. This is often more than 50% which allows clients to preserve a good credit rating.

Mr. Kalsey says it is in the interest of their company to help more Canadians suffering from debt to avoid bankruptcy by helping them to manage their current debts with affordable repayments and avoid accumulating more debt. BSCC’s goal is to encourage their clients to avoid more debt and to spend responsibly so that repayments are easily affordable.

For more information about Business Solutions & Credit Counselling Services, please visit their website at https://www.bscc.ca.

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