2019 New Year’s Resolution – Drop Facebook, Join Pegimane

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(Newswire.net — December 30, 2018) Sydney, NEW SOUTH WALES — Pegimane.com, the hottest new social media app, is gaining momentum with Millennials who are discovering the many benefits it offers over other major social networking sites like Facebook.

Pegimane is designed for travellers throughout South East Asia. One of the fastest-growing tourist markets in the world, S.E. Asia continues to attract more and more Millennials to the region due to its vibrant, diverse and unique culture, history and people. And Pegimane is capitalizing on this growth trend.

Designed for Likeminded Travellers

Pegimane is designed for like-minded travellers. The app has a number of unique features specifically designed and suited to the avid travel adventurer.

Through the website and mobile app, users can share their travel adventures with those closest to them and the world, connecting with real friends and fellow travellers through photos, messages, posts and pegs. They can also share costs with fellow travellers.

Travel Mates allows users to plan future adventures and share travel costs with each other, share experiences and knowledge and ask advice.

Pegimane also features Travel 100, where the top 100 travel destinations across Indonesia have been selected with the specific aim to help users create their perfect adventures, whether it is visiting a secluded and untouched beach, staying in a luxury hotel or eating at an authentic, out-of-the-way local restaurant. With Travel 100, users can quickly find the best local restaurants, hotels, tourists spots and breathtaking locations, all at their fingertips.

Users are being drawn to this unique social media site, leaving the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter behind in search of a deeper, more meaningful and lasting social networking experience.

Specifically designed with the traveller in mind, Pegimane helps users find real friends for life. With unique features to aid the adventurous traveller, Pegimane is fast-growing in popularity among Millennials.

Pegimane in 2019 and Beyond

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), tourism in S.E. Asia increased more than any other country in the first quarter of 2018, with an increase of 10 percent in tourist numbers.

Experts believe there are a few reasons for this growth. Firstly, the countries in this region, along with the likes of Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of the tourism dollar. Secondly, travel, especially air connection, has been significantly increased into these areas by a number of major airlines and travel groups.

The founders and developers of Pegimane.com have seen this influx of tourists and are reaping the benefits as the number of Pegimane users continues to increase each day.

In 2019, Pegimane.com will continue to grow and evolve as more people get on board and discover all the many benefits the site offers over Facebook and other social networking sites.

Pegimane is shaping up to be the biggest thing in travel throughout Indonesia and S.E Asia. And with the huge growth in tourism the region is experiencing, it is no wonder why people are dropping Facebook and joining Pegimane.

For more information, or to join, visit Pegimane.com today. For information regarding investment, please contact the investor helpline on 1-800-869-1209

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