How to Get Rid of Bugs in Garden Soil – Stay Pest Free

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( — January 2, 2019) — It can be fun, but also a challenge, to maintain a perfect looking garden. The main problems with gardening are the bugs. They can hide in the soil to eat the roots of your plants. They can also eat the leaves and flowers of growing plants, resulting in the death of your garden. A lot of gardeners often use pesticide, but that can mix dangerous chemicals into your fruits and vegetables. Luckily, you can still have a beautiful garden by following these safe and effective methods on how to get rid of bugs in garden soil.

How to Get Rid of Bugs in Garden Soil

Use Clean Soil

Keep in mind that clean and high-quality soil can deter insects and pest. However, it might take some time to prepare. The first step is to put in organic matters like compost into the soil. This can add natural compounds and elements to keep your soil. Then cover the garden with plastic for six months. The heat can kill off various bugs and insects as well as eggs, parasites, and weed. Once you remove the plastic, the light can stream down the soil to help your plants grow.

Pest-Resistant Seed

If you are looking for pest-resistant seeds, then check for the letters like V, F, T after the name of the seed. This letter stands for the type of pest that they are resistant to.

Thin Out the Plants

It’s important to get rid of weed and dead plants. That way, they cannot spread diseases or insects to other healthy plants.

Water Plants in the Early Morning

Since photosynthesis happens during the day, it’s important to water them in the morning. If you water them later in the day or at night, the leaves can easily get damaged in the cooler weather during the night. This would be an ideal condition for molds, fungus, and mildew to grow.

Control Weeds

Weeds are very popular in Scottsdale, Arizona, and are horrible for your garden. They can compete with your plants for water, nutrients, and sunlight. It’s important to get rid of them, so they don’t attract bugs.

Keep Your Garden Clean

It’s essential to remove dying and decaying plant to prevent bugs and fungus from growing.

Insect Trap

Insect traps like yellow sticky cards from the garden store can help trap incoming bugs.

Keep Certain Bugs Around

Ladybugs and spiders are great to have around. They can trap garden insect and eat them. Therefore protecting your garden. As a matter of fact, there are ladybugs for sale in the store. You can purchase them and have them in your garden.


Now that you know a few methods on how to get rid of bugs in garden soil, you can now enjoy a beautiful garden. The important thing is to work hard and smart to get rid of dead leaves, trapped insect, take out weeds, and clean your garden. It may take time, but it will help protect your garden from possible pests.