Shower Systems Becoming More and More Smart and Techy

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( — January 7, 2019) — Everything is becoming tech-smart in the current era, and this has even extended in our homes. Some people have smart alarm systems, smart AC units, and even smart appliances. But that’s not all. This has gone all the way to the bathroom.

Now, there are smart and digital showers that do more than just pouring out hot or cold water from the pipes. These showers systems work uniquely, and they can even control the water temperature without you having to adjust the knobs. It’s important to understand the shower systems in details before you go for one.

We will be discussing how the modern shower systems have become smart and technology-oriented in this article.

  • Multiple Modes/Water Jets

Really! There is a shower system with various modes? Yes, there is, and it’s not a surprise to find one in the current age. Forget about the regular shower systems that come with a single mode. Actually, they don’t even have a ‘mode.’ You simply turn the water on or adjust to give hot or cold water. That’s all.

But with the modern shower systems, you get to enjoy multiple modes. They will come with different modes, including rainfall, massage spray, water spout, waterfall, or more.

Here, you can just choose the mode that meets your preference. In other words, you can control how you want the water to flow through the shower head. This is an exceptional feature that is not available in the regular shower systems.

  • Better Pressure Control

One of the negativities of the traditional showers is that they release water with irregular pressures. Some will pour water at low-pressure levels, which then makes the bathing time boring and quite annoying. Furthermore, some instant shower heaters will not work when the pressure is low. Also, the traditional showers depend on the water pump in the plumbing system to release water at high pressure.

Well, this is different in the modern shower systems. These showers will release water at high pressure without relying on the pump outside. The shower heads are made with an innovative air injection technology. The sprinklers mix with air to boost the water pressure to the maximum. Here is where you can choose the water to jet out as though it was raining. The aim of this is to boost the natural contact with water.

Furthermore, they come with pre-embedded valve bodies. The pressure balance cartridges will monitor the water pressure balance. This regulation helps to prevent any possible scald due to the instant change of pressure of hot or cold water. Such happens mostly when you are taking a shower, and someone else is using cold water elsewhere in the house, or even when someone flushes the toilet. Luckily, the modern shower systems have been made to fix that and give you a comfortable and safe showering experience.

  • Remote Controlled

Can you imagine having a shower that you can control remotely? Wouldn’t that be great? It sure would. Well, the modern shower systems come with that ability. You can program the shower temperature with a remote control or even via WiFi. So, if you left your kids in the house and you are afraid they might not know how to set the exact temperature of the shower, you can do it remotely. Whether you are in your office or elsewhere away from home, you can simply control the shower system via the internet.

Always ensure that you set the right water temperature for your skin when taking a bath.

  • LED Lights Onboard

If you are using the traditional showers, you will need to change the water temperature and adjust it.

Now let that traditional shower boat alone and board the modern shower system. These advanced shower systems feature LED lights that will go on based on the temperature of the water. This way, you will know if the water jetting out is warm, hot or cold. You can be sure of enjoying a nice showering time while being sure of the water temperature.

  • Beauty galore

Another incredible aspect of these shower systems is the aesthetics that they carry. The LED lights that we mentioned are not only used to detect or indicate the water temperature. Instead, some are just there to make things look beautiful. Imagine you are bathing and then, after a few settings, the water turns purple, blue, or any other color? Wouldn’t that be a beautiful experience? Of course, it would.

Mostly, the LED lights will come on the showerhead. So, when you turn them on when the water is running, the light will appear in the water jets. Some people choose to switch off the bathroom lights and turn on the LED lights on the shower head. This way, they can only see inside the shower box. Also, it helps to make the water even more elegant.

  • The Spa Experience  

Who said you could only book an appointment at your favorite spa to have a relaxing moment? The modern shower systems give you the chance of enjoying a relaxing moment at the comfort of your own bathroom.

These shower systems come with a massage spray that has been designed to release water jets to give you a relaxing sensation. You can be confident of experiencing a luxurious session in your bathroom without having to spend a single dollar at the spa.

  • Everything on Display

Doesn’t it suck to have to adjust the water temperature coming out of the shower head just to get the perfect temperature? If someone asked you what the exact temperature of the water jetting out of the shower head was, you wouldn’t be able to say. But, the modern shower systems come with an LCD display (that is waterproof, of course), which will display all the necessary information. This includes the current water temperature, as well as the time. So yes, you can spend time in the bathroom and know what time it is. There’s no need to walk out just to check the time.

Shower systems have a lot to offer, and you should always ensure that you choose the best shower system based on your preference, needs, and budget. Remember to read the user reviews carefully before you decide to purchase a specific shower system.