Concierge Medicine Providing Quality Care Amid Massive Doctor Shortage

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( — January 9, 2019) — December 22, 2018 Chicago, Illinois— Dedication Health, Chicago’s leading concierge medicine provider, has uncovered a way to provide patients with better care despite the nation’s growing shortage of physicians. The group, which serves as primary care practice and offers care from a number of internal medicine specialties, was founded in 2017 and is rapidly growing. The practice attributes this to mounting concerns from the general public over long waits, inadequate care, and other challenges associated with traditional primary care physicians, due to ever-growing patient rosters and fewer qualified physicians overall.

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Data compiled by the Association of American Medical Colleges concludes that the United States could be short as many as 120,000 doctors by 2030. “This year’s analysis reinforces the serious threat posed by a real and significant doctor shortage,” says AAMC President and CEO Darrell G. Kirch, MD. He notes that this greatly impacts quality of care and believes the issue will only worsen as the population and demand grows.

Forbes Magazine recently reported on the phenomenon as well, explaining that there are presently just 31 physicians per 10,000 people in urban areas, while rural regions have a mere 13. Data from Health Services Research further concludes that the average urban solo physician spends only nine minutes with each patient, an issue which has been linked to lower rates of patient satisfaction, poorer health outcomes, increased prescription-writing, greater amounts of malpractice claims, and increased healthcare costs.

“I started Dedication Health to offer innovative, personalized primary care medical service and convenience to my patients,” says John E. Croghan, MD, practice founder. “The high-volume and impersonal nature of today’s medical system simply does not offer what each patient fully deserves.”

Dr. Croghan partnered up with Philip H. Sheridan Jr., MD to launch the concierge medicine practice, which has since added two more physicians; Santiago A. Candocia, MD, FACP and Richard D. Stern, MD, enabling Dedication Health to offer a greater variety of specialty services while keeping patient ratios low to ensure quality of care. The office leverages the latest technology and boasts an on-site ACR-accredited radiology department, complete with a digital x-ray machine, CT scanner, and EKG, plus hosts a coumadin clinic for those needing coagulation checks. The practice further sets itself apart by coordinating patient care with outside specialists and hospitals as needed and providing patients with perks, such as patient suites topped off with slippers and a blanket, valet parking, visits which last as long as a patient needs, 24/7 access to a physician, and wellness/ nutrition counseling.

True to the concierge medicine model, there is a reasonable membership fee for those interested in becoming patients, though unlike many other offices, Dedication Health does coordinate insurance benefits and handle billing. Because the practice limits the overall number of patients it accepts to ensure each person receives the very best, only a limited number of vacancies remain.

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About Dedication Health

Dedication Health, innovative concierge medicine provider, was founded in 2017. Conveniently located in Winnetka, Illinois, the practice brings patient-first healthcare to Chicago’s North Shore community and northern suburbs. With premium services and more than 60 years of combined experience, the physicians of Dedication Health tailor each visit to the patient’s needs and aim to create an attentive and holistic medical partnership with each member.

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