Health Authorities Warn Women Are More Vulnerable to High-Risk Heart Attack

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( — January 16, 2019) Orlando, FL — It has long been found that most heart attacks happen to men. However in a new study, it has been found that a mysterious heart attack category affects more females.

A study was published in the International Journal of Cardiology.

In this research, investigators tried to study the Myocardial infarction with non-obstructive coronary arteries (MINOCA).

MINOCA is used in describing heart attacks that don’t occur because of artery obstruction, which is the cause of most heart attacks.

Unfortunately, such a type of heart attack is undertreated and is even increasingly prevalent.

The study was spearheaded by the University of Alberta interventional cardiologist Kevin Bainey

The research team monitored approximately 36,000 patients over 12 years. At the end of the study, it was found that 6 percent of the participants suffered from a kind of a heart attack even without blockage in the arteries.

Study findings also suggest that individuals with a blocked artery have a 9 percent chance of suffering from another heart attack within a year or even death.

It is important to take the measures necessary in taking better care of heart health.

Some vitamins have been found beneficial in protecting heart health. B vitamins like biotin have been widely studied due to their remarkable healing potentials.

According to researchers, a normal metabolism is vital in maintaining the health of the blood vessels and the heart.

It is worth mentioning individuals who are at an increased heart disease risk may combine biotin and chromium. Such a combination has been found to increase levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL).

This could be extremely useful in diabetic patients who are at an increased risk of heart disease. Individuals who have increased triglyceride levels may benefit from a healthy dose of biotin.

Experts say a healthy biotin dose could reduce triglyceride into a safer and manageable levels. This nutrient has further been found to fight a few different heart diseases, which include stroke, heart attacks, inflammation, and atherosclerosis.

While more studies are still underway to validate the healing benefits of biotin, many researchers are curious to learn more deeply about the advantages of its use.

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