Health and Wellness Industry Lead Generation Digital Marketing Strategies Launched

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( — January 9, 2019) — Supreme Wellness Leads, a wellness industry lead generation and digital marketing solutions company based in Broadwater, Western Australia, launched a limited time 2 week free marketing campaign for medical spas, chiropractors, cosmetic medical, physical therapists and wellness retreats. The wellness client-focused digital marketing agency aims to deliver highly targeted leads for these types of businesses and produce an excellent ROI.

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As each of these wellness industries is very competitive when it comes to generating new clients for their business, Supreme Wellness Leads provides a select range of services designed to give their clients’ businesses authority within their industry.

The wellness marketing experts are dedicated to helping small local businesses within the wellness niche grow and scale their business. They have extensive experience in Facebook ad management, targeted video creation and syndication, website creation and optimization, website authority building and Google ranking.

Clients using their “no risk” 2 week marketing trial benefit from these proven strategies to bring more targeted leads to their wellness business and gain more authority and exposure online.

The expert team can drive targeted web traffic to a landing page specifically designed for each individual client. Then, they use highly targeted Facebook Ads to drive their ideal customers to that landing page. Using such powerful strategies, the marketing team can even target past customers and retarget current website visitors to increase the business’ conversion even further.

When asked why they decided to help businesses in the wellness industry, a spokesperson for the company said: “We believe that maintaining a state of great overall health and well-being is vitally important not only for one’s self, but for the community as well. Being physically, mentally, spiritually and socially aware gives you a strong foundation in life and it provides you the inner strength to cope with the many demands that are present in everyday life. The ability to live one’s life without pain, in a state of happiness, calmness and fulfillment should be embraced, promoted and available to everyone.“

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