How to Get Your First Clients – Benefits of Networking

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( — January 10, 2019) — If you are researching how to get your first clients, look no further. Landing a client on any platform or on any business isn’t easy. Using inefficient methods of approaching the client will not help your business grow. So how do you get to land your first client?

How to Get Your First Clients

Work for Free

Working for free sounds a bit absurd, but it’s one of the most effective ways of landing clients. On most occasions, when starting out, you have no experience and therefore getting clients is very difficult. No one would wish to pay for a service they don’t trust. You can ask to offer a service to a client and if they like your service they may pay for it or refer you to more people that may be interested in your service. Usually, the clients will accept your service but most won’t since they are hesitant of free services. This is normal, you only need to convince them more and they most likely will accept your offer. Working for free will highly boost your referrals which in turn would be beneficial in landing future clients.

Reach out to Your Previous Clients

Not all clients would continue using your services. Some may opt to stop using them for various reasons. They may opt out due to high expense or they have looked out to a different company offering similar services. Follow up with them to check how they are doing and why they stopped using your service. This will help you understand how you deal with your clients and improve where necessary. You will also stand to win them back.

Ensure that People Know You are Looking for Work

Apart from following up on previous clients, you need to update all your business and social media profiles. This way, people will notice the services you offer and that you are looking for new clients. One of the most active profiles you need to check and update is your LinkedIn account. Include the service you offer to your LinkedIn account with a relevant title and a brief description of the specific service you offer to people. You can also do this to all other social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You will be amazed at how fast clients would reach out to you for the said service.

Be an Active Member of Social Media

You stand a high chance of landing a new client by being active on social media. Always be ready to answer questions on these platforms that are related to your business or the service you offer. This will be beneficial in future since when a client is searching for a solution on this platform, most definitely, your name will appear on their search and they are definitely going to reach out to you for assistance.


Now that you have a clue on how to get your first clients, this shouldn’t be a difficult task for you. Remember that it’s always easier to retain your current client than to land a new one. So when you land one, always reach out to them. Also, ensure that you provide the best service to them.