Pool Decorating Ideas for Parties – 8 Unique Ideas

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(Newswire.net — January 11, 2019) — Are you in need of pool decoration ideas that will leave your guests dazzled? Behind every excellent pool party decoration idea is a playful mind, so get ready to experiment. To limit the errors in your trials, you should try out some of the below pool decorating ideas for parties to ensure that your party is memorable.

Pool Decorating Ideas

Light Up the Party

For a pool party that extends into the night, adding a little glow appeal will go along the way to excite your guests. LED glow sticks or balls under the pool will transform it into a pool of lights. The glow balls are not only decorative, but they also provide light, adding warmth and fun to the party.

Bring in Some Inflatables

You can set a thematic pace for your pool party with inflatables such as sharks or ducks to float in the pool. That works great for the kids. You can let this decoration idea spill over to other features such as duck shaped cakes and bites. On the other hand, balloon garlands can help you add life to space above the area.

Throw in Some Shade

During the summer, even pool pros at Van Kirk & Son’s Pools & Spas in Parkland can vouch that sunburns can be a killjoy at pool parties. You can protect your guests from the extreme sunburns by putting up large sun protection umbrellas. A retractable awning can also work in this case; ensure to get the right print and style. On the same note, also remember to set a pool area where guests can freely help themselves to sunscreen and lotion.

Bring in Nature’s Goodness

You can help your guests feel relaxed by decorating your pool areas with beautiful potted plants and flowers. Greeneries add life and character to the pool spaces. You can also make a vertical garden by potted plants from a pallet. If that is a little overboard for you, you can you paint the pots with the party’s theme color, or lacing them up with jewelry.

Squirt Guns

Ensure to bring in as many squirt guns as possible to keep boredom at bay with the squirt gun and other exhilarating games. This splashing game will add the fun to your pool party. The good thing about it is that you can quickly assemble all the materials needed at home.

Jumbo Popsicle Garland

Popsicles are synonymous with fun pool parties. It is easy to set up a jumbo popsicle at home using pool noodles and a popsicle stick. The popsicle decoration idea is not only affordable, but it is also unique.

Pool Party Towel Station

It is highly likely that many of your pool party guests will forget or neglect to bring their very own towel. You can save them from this awkward situation by installing a towel station before the event. Your visitors will keep on having a great time without worrying about the dampness after dips and dives. Make a signpost pointing to the towel station, advising the guests that free towels are available.

Flip Flop Cookies

With regards to having a fabulous time in the sun, flip-flops are normally the footwear of choice, at a pool party. Why not convey the theme onto your refreshment table? You can create lovable flip-flop treats with vanilla sandwich treats and icing.

Bottom Line

There are many pool decorating ideas for parties including pool lights, inflatables, potted plants, umbrella shades, potted plants and themed bites and treats like flip flop cakes and cookies. These items will not only make your party more fun, but it will also make for a more memorable experience for everyone involved.