How Has Panama City Become the Tourist Hub on the Emerald Coast?

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( — January 12, 2019) — In the last few years, Panama City, Florida has become one of the leading vacation destinations for millennials. It is one of the best places to be if you want to escape the dreadful winters and the continuous snowfalls. A considerable part of the country will shiver and frown as the beaches of Panama City shine in the endless sunshine. Winters in Florida are beautiful and comfortable. People flock to the beaches of this state to escape bitter colds and gloomy weather. However, what is so special about Panama City? Why are the millennials gravitating towards this groovy city of beaches, pubs, and parties?

Why Panama City?

The question itself has the answer you are looking for. Panama City has all the types of parties you would want to attend. Apart from the yearly Pier Park beach ball drop on the New Year’s Eve, there are hundreds of parties that take place on these beaches and surrounding areas throughout the year. However, the beach ball drop is something of a tradition that draws thousands from around the world to witness 10,000 inflatable beach balls dropping from the skies into the crowds watching below. Then there are fireworks and sprightly cocktails to warm the evening up as the midnight air gets a little chilly.

Panama City is the gem of vacation destinations for New Year’s celebrations

The beachfront bars and pubs outshine the sun on the New Year’s Eve with their bright displays, fireworks, and smiling crowds. It is all about the party spirit on the beaches of Panama City Florida during the winters. It is no wonder the youngsters of the country are looking for ways to spend their winter on these beautiful and clean beaches. Did we mention? The beaches are sparkling white in sharp contrast to the other ones in and around Florida. The pure quartz that makes up the beach are crystal clear or white giving these beaches a breathtaking look. Must we say – the entire experience is very Instagrammable indeed for all visitors!

Why should you pick Panama City?

Today, smart travelers prefer mid-sized cities over large ones for their vacations. Panama City is the best option if you are looking for a budget vacation you and your family can enjoy. It is a great place to hang out for a couple of days and party hard with your friends as well. That is the beauty of this beach city. There is something for everyone within reach. Whether you are looking for a million dollar luxury experience within your budget or a quaint, warm beach vacation with your family, you will get that right here. Here are a few things the millennial traveler checks before planning a vacation –

  1. Affordable prices of tickets
  2. The diversity of experiences
  3. Nightlife and shopping experiences
  4. Affordability of accommodations
  5. Food and drink options
  6. Instagrammable hotspots

It is easy to understand how Panama City has become one of the top favorites of the young travelers who value money as much as they appreciate the experience. The Panama City Beach has a plethora of activities and experiences to offer including the ZooWorld, Shipwreck Island, Gulf World Marine Park, WonderWorks and the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum. It is enough to keep the adults and children on their toes all day.

What does this beach destination have?

A vibrant nightlife – Panama City Beach has a thriving nightlife for all the nocturnal beings out there. If you love to head out after the sun goes down, you will never want to leave the city. The small nook in Florida is quickly becoming a party capital on the U.S. map thanks to the nightlife enthusiasts living it up all year round. There’s mini golf, bowling, go-karting, movies, and karaoke if you are thinking of taking the kids around for a taste of the nightlife.

Lively dining options – End your hectic but fun-filled day with beautiful dining options. Panama City Beach is famous for its seafood. If you are a fan of the fresh catch from the salty depths, this should be your next vacation destination. You can choose from an array of eclectic dining option. You can go for something more conventional like fine dining in a restaurant that gives you a grand view of the beach, or you can choose something exotic like dining on the warm sea waters. Dining on the waters as the waves caress your feet is a small vacation in itself. You can easily kick back for a few hours and enjoy the salty air, fresh fish and beautiful night with your company.

Budget shopping splurges – Panama City might not be famous for its shopping options yet, but you should visit the Pier Park Mall before you decide otherwise. It has some of the best bargains you will ever experience in your lifetime, and it boasts an expansive lifestyle center with quirky art galleries and department stores. In short, from beach gear to exotic art, you will find anything and everything in the many shops of this beach city. While you are at Pier Park, do not forget to check out the indie clothing and accessories stores that offer amazing deals all year round.

Throughout the winter, Panama City Beach is replete with events and fairs. Apart from rock and country music festivals and competitions for seasonal travelers, you will also find special performances by local celebrities and international performers on the special days of the year. Thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts congregate here in twice a year, in spring and fall for the Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally. Spending the New Year’s Eve in Panama City is still a treat no party lover should ever miss. Create your own adventures, hire a boat, a camp for the day on the beach and eat your dinner while the sea breeze blows through your hair. There are hundreds of ways to feel alive while soaking up the sun and letting your hair down in this fantastic beach city along the Emerald Coast. It is time to pack your bags for a lovely vacation on the sugar white sandy beaches.