Plantation Shutters Explained Solid Vs Louvre Panel Operation Report Launched

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( — January 14, 2019) — Shuttercraft, the UK’s largest shutter company, announced a full report on plantation shutters, covering essential aspects such as the way plantation shutters work, the difference between solid and louvre panels, how to operate shutters during both the warm and cold season, potential applications, and many others.

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Plantation shutters are very popular among both residents and homeowners, as they can be easily adapted to a variety of interior and exterior styles, and provide a series of important advantages over other types of window coverings.

According to the Shuttercraft report, plantation shutters are available in a variety of panels, the most common being solid and louvres. Solid panels cover the entirety of the window and are typically found in historic buildings and listed properties, while louvre panels are more common in modern homes and businesses, offering optimal light and privacy control.

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For those interested in how plantation shutters work, the report provides an easy-to-read, basic explanation: they keep the interior warm during winter and cool during summer by allowing the convenient adjustment of the position of the slates. Shuttercraft suggests that during the cold winter months the shutters be opened at first light and closed at sunset, to maximize heating efficiency. During the summer, the shutters can be kept closed during the heat of the day and opened at night.

The report also offers practical information on where to use plantation shutters, what to look for when purchasing them, and various other aspects.

For anyone interested in bespoke plantation shutters, Shuttercraft provides a wide range of models available in MDF, ABS, and various types of wood.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Do you want to reduce your energy bills? Or perhaps you want to update your home’s décor? Whatever the reason, we pride ourselves in helping homeowners finding the perfect plantation shutters for their homes. Our dedicated team of specialists will help transform your house to your tastes and budget, with our experts at hand to fit your shutters perfectly.”

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