Researchers Have Now Revealed the Ways to Starve UTI Bacteria

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( — January 21, 2019) Orlando, FL — Urinary tract infections are affecting more and more people nowadays. While there are antibiotics available, it is always best to prevent its occurrence.

According to researchers, the Escherichia coli bacteria have been found to hijack trace amounts of copper inside the body. It is then utilized as a nutrient to fuel growth.

This was discovered by the researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

The findings of the study suggest that simply blocking this system may be helpful in starving off E.coli infections. This can open the door to UTI treatments through the use of pharmaceutical drugs that don’t work in the same way as traditional antibiotics.

This study was published in Nature Chemical Biology.

The scientists found that copper has been reputed to kill bacteria as well as other microbes. The surprising thing is there seems to be an interesting twist.

Copper is found in whole grains, shellfish, beans, nuts, and some other foods. This essential mineral has been found to destroy pathogens in high concentrations.

In previous studies, it has been found that yersiniabactin is a molecule secreted by the bacteria sequesters copper. It is then prevented from accumulating to antibacterial levels.

According to senior author Jeffrey P. Henderson, MD, PhD, an associate professor of medicine, yersiniabactin is more common in invasive bacteria.

It includes E.coli that actually causes the more problematic antibiotic-resistance and consequently, recurring urinary tract infections.

Health experts have long been revealing that one of the reasons UTIs are treated is to prevent bacteria from invading other areas. This type of infection can be halted from being a simple nuisance to a much more serious infection.

UTIs are often treated through the use of antibiotics. However, it is worth mentioning that these medications are notoriously known to cause a variety of undesirable side effects.

One is antibiotic resistance that continues to affect many people from around the world. It also kills E. coli and even the beneficial bacteria, which are needed for health. There are natural remedies believed to be helpful against this infection, and it includes D-Mannose.

D-Mannose works naturally in inhibiting bacteria from sticking to the cells lining the urinary tract. This prevents bacteria from causing infection. This sugar can be found in cranberry, which is a popular remedy for UTIs.

Divine Bounty D-Mannose is a formula consumers may use to experience this natural remedy’s anti-UTI benefits. It is gaining more and more interest from consumers due to its remarkable benefits.

This highly potent and pure formula is crafted in an FDA-inspected facility in the United States. It could be useful in preventing and treating the infection.


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