Summer Wedding Buffet Menu Ideas – Food for the Big Day

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( — January 14, 2019) — Are you planning to celebrate your wedding on a summer day with sweltering temperatures? The sunshine and the heat can all make a summer wedding more compelling if you know how to play around with food and drinks. So, what are the summer beverages and bites that you need to include in your buffet menu? Below are some summer wedding buffet menu ideas that you can incorporate into your big day.

Summer Wedding Menu Ideas

Drinks and Refreshments

Nothing beats the feeling of taking a sip of a cold cocktail or refreshment on a hot summer day. You can spice up your summer wedding buffet menu with signature drinks like sweet teas, mai tais, mojitos, or ice cold sodas. Sparkling wine, white wine, and rosé wines are also ideal for a summer wedding.


Your guests will still expect you to have tasty snacks for them even in the hot temperatures. Keep the appetizers light and refreshing. Creations in Cuisine recommend that some appetizers to include in your buffet are: chicken salad on apple slices, bite-sized Caprese salad, seafood snacks like shrimp cocktail or frozen watermelon slices. You will be helping your guest overcome the heat by serving mixed, chilled organic greens. This can also act as a brilliant way to introduce the guests as to what’s to come during their main meal.

You have also probably been advised a thousand and one times to remove soups from your summer wedding starter menu. However, if you can provide chilled soups, then why not include them? Vichyssoise is perfect. It’s a fresh, hearty and delicious soup made from greens and chicken stock.

Main Course Ideas

Grilled Sensations –

Instead of barbecued meats, you can serve flame-broiled chicken and veggies on a stick. These delightful delicacies can be served with sauces, and they aren’t as messy as barbequed treats.

Poultry –

Main courses during a summer wedding need to be kept light and smooth. Stay away from meat that is chewy, fussy and heavy – that includes lamb, beef and pork. Poultry is lighter and tender, and therefore the best meat option for a summer wedding buffet. De-boned chicken is best, to spare your guests the stress of fumbling with bones.

Seafood –

Depending on how you prepare it, seafood can add excitement to your main summer courses. Fish fillet served with greens and a starch is an all-time favorite. You can choose from a variety of white fishes or oily fish. Shellfish is also a favorite summer wedding main course.

Noodles/ Pasta –

Pasta and noodles are light and easy, perfect for a summer wedding menu. These foods are versatile and can go well with various spices and sauces. Your guests can serve pasta and noodles with fish or deboned chicken together with mushrooms and greens.

Cakes and Desserts

Ice creams are lighter that most desserts and refreshing, and can even work in the place of cakes. Put ice cream in a bowl where guests can self-serve it in snow cones for a refreshing end to the big day. You can also try cold and frozen desserts like panna cotta and semifreddo. If you have to include a cake on the menu, go for a naked wedding cake or strawberry shortcake.

Bottom Line

The summer wedding buffet menu ideas include chilled and frozen drinks, appetizers like frozen watermelon slices, Vichyssoise soup, grilled or boiled poultry, seafood and pasta, and ice cream served in snow cones for dessert. You can also incorporate your own creative ideas to further make your day more personalized to you.