Global Obesity Figures Continue to Alarm Health Organizations

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( — January 23, 2019) Orlando, FL — Experts have long warned that obesity can trigger the onset of various diseases and disorders. This is why it is imperative for consumers to take some measures in managing a healthy weight. 

Since 1980, obesity prevalence on a global scale has doubled. In 2008, over 1.4 billion adults were categorized as overweight. More than 200 million of these were men and 300 million were women. 

Health authorities have been releasing warnings to reveal how obesity can wreak havoc on health. However, its prevalence continues to soar high. 

Globally, being obese or overweight is ranked as the fifth top risk of death. As a matter of fact, a minimum of 2.8 million adults succumb to death every year due to being obese or overweight. 

Being obese doesn’t just reduce quality of life and risk of disability, but also the increased likelihood of diseases and disorders. 

According to experts, obesity is associated with the development of cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, cancer, osteoarthritis, and some other diseases. 

The good news is that obesity is highly preventable. There are measures found to be extremely beneficial in reducing extra pounds and maintaining a healthy weight. 

When it comes to weight loss, it is worth taking into account the use of some natural ingredients like prebiotics. 

Human and animal studies reveal that prebiotic foods products may have some beneficial effects. 

They particularly suggest it led to satiety regulation, better energy homaeostasis, and reduced body weight gain. It is worth mentioning that higher intakes of fiber of all types are associated with lower body weight, and even obesity protection. 

In 2002, a study was published in The British Journal of Nutrition. 

Researchers found that prebiotic foods were able to promote satiety or a sense of fullness. They also spur weight loss and prevent obesity. 

According to researchers, prebiotics have an effect on hormone levels, and as such are linked with the regulation of appetite. 

In animal studies, it has been found prebiotics were able to reduce ghrelin, which is the signal of the body to the brain that it is already time to eat. 

More and more research studies are underway to learn about the extent of health benefits prebiotics can offer. 

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